2016 Fall October 17 Monday


78 degrees this morning, walk 36:37 minutes

Surprised that I can spend one more morning on the patio as I write this. 78 degrees does sound warm (especially for October 17), but there is still that fall coolness in the air, along with a relatively strong wind.

The wind is probably the worst part about the weather here. I can take (and like) hot weather, and I can adapt to cold weather (with a lot of complaining), but the wind is what makes the cold so bad, the wind even makes 78 degrees seem cool, at least in the dark.

It is supposed to get up to 91 degrees today. It was a wonderful day yesterday also.

We have joined a nearby gym and I hope to finally start my training on machines. I have several books on it I have been reviewing and so I hope to get the most out of it. I also will use the stationary bicycle to maintain my “bicycle legs”, or at least I hope so. The hours are a lot better than the YMCA and we don’t have to worry about the YMCA suddenly deciding to make some money on the backs of their “members” by closing the gym and renting it out to make some more money for themselves.

Of course, it is also a lot cheaper. Anyway, we will try it and see.

I developed a speech for Toastmasters based on the “Vampire Decisions” session I went to at a recent conference. I am hoping it will instill the concepts into my mind and, of course, better yet, my daily life.

Next I will do one on “Mindfulness”. Actually, I have tried to use the “mindfulness” concept, except it is sporadic at best. When I do it I feel like it is useful, it is just slowing down enough to practice it.

I always feel a sense of relief after I finish a speech. I think the problem is that a speech, like many classes, articles etc. can never really be worked on enough. There is always some little thing that you can always do better to improve!

Same with this post. Probably one of the most valuable things i have learned from these daily posts is to not worry about being perfect. I do try to review the post for typos etc., but I have accepted the fact i can spend only a certain amount of time on these posts and then I have to move on.

In a way it is like a daily newspaper, or a daily activity that I have to do and if I attempt to become too perfect, I probably would stop doing it.

It certainly isn’t perfect, I can say that.

There is almost a full moon this morning as I enjoy what will probably be the last mornings on the patio. Based on the forecast, I may have a few more days this week, but who knows!

There is a certain magic quality in the early morning that I really enjoy, although, as I have commented, the morning seems to be “hyper-time” where time goes much faster than other times of he day.

On the other hand, it is surprising how fast each day (and then month and then year) disappears, I really notice how time passes when I check out library books! While the “fines” are relatively minor, I just hate having to pay them, probably the inconvenience as much as anything, or maybe the embarrassment of admitting that I’m not responsible enough to get the books back on time!

That’s it for now, Monday, October 17, 2016.


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