2016 Fall October 18 Tuesday

74 degrees this morning, walk 36:22 minutes.

74 degrees this morning, but it is a very cool 74 degrees. I am sitting on the patio as I write this (at least for now).

The forecast was actually for 63 degrees (or something like that) for this morning, although they may have meant the “commuting time” and not when I get up! There is a slight wind, but not near as bad as I expected.

Baseball is almost over for the season/year.

I have to wonder about all sports, in that, in the end, everyone who follows a specific team is disappointed in the end except for the fans of one team.

Of course, we always say “they had a good year” and things like that, but in the end, you really want “your” team to win the championship or whatever “the best” is called. Considering that only one team can win and it is unlikely any team can win the championship often it leads to a lot of disappointment!

Of course, everyone is aware of the slim chances winning a championship so perhaps it isn’t that bad.

It may be different for someone who follows “one team” (a team for their city, school or whatever), they are perhaps satisfied that their team exists and has a good season.

I always remember how disappointed I was when Kansas went to the “all-state” format for the State high school championships. Instead of letting each level (I don’t recall what they were anymore) celebrate the “championship” for it’s level, they went to a format where there was a single state championship, regardless of the differences in school size etc.

To be honest, I didn’t really pay enough attention to who won that it mattered to me, but the concept of not letting each level celebrate a “championship” without having to complete for a “state wide” championship disappointed me.

I remember going through small towns (in any state) and there will be a sign celebrating a state championship 30 years or more ago, so it is important to a community.

Perhaps that is the true good point about any sports is that it brings a community together towards a common goal, something that may be needed anymore!

Listening to the lectures on the “Classics of American Literature’. Yesterday, he reviewed the “Tellale Heart” and the “Pit and the Pendulum”. The interpretation was somewhat like I thought, although of course he had some thoughts about it that I hadn’t thought of before.

I don’t recall specifically reading Poe’s “The Black Cat”, although I believe I did, from his review of it.

Looks like I made i ton the patio this morning, the coolness actually feels good. Hopefully there will be a few more mornings on the patio before the really cool air comes in.

Waiting for my “iWatch” to arrive. It will actually are several weeks, so the anticipation is growing! I have reviewed he “apps” for the watch and have a good idea what I want.

I normally take it slow with new items like that, kind of an introductory time. I find I learn how to use something a lot better if I get familiar with it and they learn about it.

Feels like the air is turning colder already.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, October 18, 2016.


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