2016 Fall October 19 Wednesday

62 degrees this morning Walk 35:44 minutes

As usual 62 degrees sounds cold after 70’s and 80’s. As usual I overdressed for my walk, but that is still better than underdressing.

Looking at the Presidential Election and the extremes, it is easy to imagine an “Arab Spring” type scenario, no matter who “wins”.

As I have mentioned before, I first noticed extremists some years ago in City government at first a distinct minority (and at the state and federal level)

Now the extremists are in a majority in most places and it shows. Unfortunately, extremism causes extremist reaction in return, some people never learn.

For the most part, government at all levels had been seen as a means of contributing, now it is a matter of imposing their extreme views on everyone else while enriching themselves and their “friends” and contributors.

I feel “term limits” have contributed to this, since it eliminates the “organizational learning” that came with longer term people and many are just in it to impose their extreme views and get rich while they are in office.

Just my thoughts for whatever it is worth.

Watching a tape of “Mad Money”, I am surprised at the number of people who pay someone to bring a restaurant meal to their home. If I am going to pay for a restaurant meal, I am going to eat it there!

Of course, I have never liked “drive ins” or “drive thru’s” for that matter, or even “to go” food with the exception of pizza.

What is weird is that restaurants are in trouble because more people are eating at home, or avoiding restaurants, but grocery stores aren’t doing well either.

Of course, I am one of those people who can’t drink a cup of coffee while driving without spilling it on themselves. Actually, when I am driving, I normally can drink McDonalds coffee without spilling it on myself while driving, but that is about the only kind. While I like Starbucks coffee, their cups are some of the worst at spilling.

Actually, Starbucks iced coffee, I can drink during without spilling (since I drink it through a straw!) Also it is my favorite ice coffee, I don’t care for McDonalds ice Coffee at all even though I really like their hot coffee.

Speaking of delivery, I really wonder how “drone delivery” will affect our lives? I really have to wonder if drones will have to follow the “air space” of the streets. It seems like it would be hard to justify allowing drones to fly over your back yard routinely.

It seems like people could routinely “hijack” drones either by electronically interfering with the drone electronics or, more likely, just shooting them down. Also, I think there will be the concerns of “spam” advertising drones.

We are keeping to our “time shifting” of the baseball playoffs. It is harder now to avoid seeing the scores before we watch the games, but so far we have been relatively successful.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, October 19, 2016


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