2016 Fall October 23 Sunday

52 degrees this morning, walk 36:22 minutes

Middle of the weekend, it goes fast.

Cubs are going to the World Series! Wonderful! It would have been fun to have been somewhere in Chicago watching the game and cheering them on! It looked like a lot of other people had the same idea!

Started putting some of my thoughts into action yesterday and put several items I no longer use/will use or shouldn’t use into the donation box or trash can.

It didn’t made a huge dent in the items I need to get rid of, but it is a start.

I always thought that if I could just dispose of one shirt and one book a day etc., it wouldn’t be long until Should have everything trimmed down! That is true, but, sometimes the thought isomer effective than the action is!

Theoretically, it makes sense that if I dispose of one item a day, within a year or so, I would have gotten rid of a lot of items.

However, somehow deciding on the “one” to dispose of that day is difficult. I may start small, with the pens, maybe get rid five pens per day, or at least check out five pens and throw them away if they don’t work, keep (and use) them if they do work.

It sounds odd, but it would be easier to keep the shirts etc. I want to keep and then dispose of the rest.

That is basically the concept I followed when we were moving, to keep what I wanted to keep rather than trying to decide which to donate or otherwise dispose of.

Another dream. It was so weird I almost didn’t write it down.

Dream Saturday Oct 22:

Dreamed I was in a restaurant somewhat like a huge library,

I kept thinking I hadn’t even planned to really eat now I was talking a lot of time eating a meal I didn’t want.

I was sitting at a table with some other people I seemed to vaguely know one man but not the other at all.

I got up to look for coffee, I had thought I had seen coffee, but I couldn’t find it.

I went back to the table and two older women (identical twins) had sat down at the table before I left.

When I got back they were sitting in a different place like they were watching a show and waving their arms (shaped like flippers) and either cheering or giggling in high voices.

I woke up.

I can’t remember what happened at the first part of this very strange dream. There was an overtone of menace in the dream.

I don’t have any idea what it meant or where it came from. There was a preliminary part of the dream I wish I could remember.

That’s it for now, Sunday, Ocober 23, 2016


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