2016 Fall October 24 Monday


59 degrees this morning Walk 36:25 minutes

Noted this morning I had misspelled a word in my post yesterday. An obvious word and the “spellcheck” had even highlighted it. It was “October” so I obviously know how to spell it!

No matter how many times I review something, sometimes….

Sometimes I have this thought that someone is coming in after me and changing the spelling (or whatever), although I know that isn’t true.

However, “spellcheck’ does frequently change the wording I use, sometimes completely changing the word I used. I’ not always sure if “spellcheck” is worth it.

Something is digging in our flower beds and now our lawn. Haven’t figured out what it is, but it is a weird feeling to think of some creature (or insect) digging in our lawn in the middle of the night.

I did some research and it probably is an insect. Looked on the internet. Originally I thought it was a mole or a possum etc., but it may well be an insect of some sort.

Whatever it is, I want to find something to make it go away!

That is always a problem with owning a house, finding someone reliable to work on it if something is needed.

Of course we hear all kinds of squeaks etc. that we wonder if it is an indication of something wrong, but not enough that we can justify calling someone if it is serious or not!

Next Monday is Halloween. Although I like the fact that children enjoy it, it seems rather strange to have a semi holiday built sound what is essentially extortion. (“Trick or Treat”!).

I will always remember on Halloween in 1991, it actually snowed. (I verified this on Google, it snowed 3 “). I was reading “Bright Lights Big City” and I read it straight through while it snowed outside. I don’t remember 3”, that is a major storm there, but I do remember it was a relatively heavy snow for any time of year.

Normally I don’t recall it snowing much until around Christmas, but of course the potential for snow is always there November through March.

One thing I really don’t miss about being City Manager is having to worry about snow and ice.
Obviously if it only snows a couple of times a year, it is difficult to justify massive equipment which can handle quick clean up of sow and ice.

I am always surprised at the big difference there is between the snow here and the snow (and cold weather) where I grew up.

Occasionally (I should say very rarely) I will be in the area where I went to grew up or where I where I went to college and I realize my memory on how cold it was (and how cold the wind was) is correct!

For some reason I have started dreaming again, some really colorful dreams. I haven’t been remembering them long enough to write them down in any detail except the one noted the other day.

Start of another week.

That’s it for now, Monday, October 24, 2016.


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