2016 Fall October 25 Tuesday..

66 degrees this morning, walk 36:27 minutes

Listening to an analysis of “Moby Dick” while I walk. Interesting, but I”m sure I will never read the book. Someone said once that “Wealth of Nations” and “Moby Dick” were books that everyone talked about but no one ever read!

Actually, it has been very interesting to hear the analysis of it. Also his analysis of Eager Allen Poe and Hawthorne (the Scarlett Letter) etc.

One comment he made about a very short story by Hawthorne was especially interesting. He said it is a 9 page story (“Wakefield”) where a man leaves his wife and takes an room near her and watches her for 20 years. The story ends as he returns.

What was interesting was he alluded to our current culture where people use Social Media to (perhaps) sit in the house down the street and watch the world go by while they escape from daily life. To some degree he is stretching it, but I think there is some connection.

Somehow, the idea of someone living their life on Social Media is somewhat related, but I think “Social Media” , like anything, can and is abused but it also contributes n a positive way to our lives.

I didn’t know how to dress during my walk for 66 degrees, and I ended up dressing way too warm, which instill better than dressing too cold.

We are going to watch the World Series with interest this year, since we have been following the Cubs for years and agonized as they failed to advance to the World Series. Why we followed the Cubs I really don’t know, since I was following the Cubs before I ever was in Chicago.

A few years ago we listened to a book by Tony La Russa (St. Louis Cardinals former Manager). I was amazed at all of the strategy that goes into a baseball game in the mind of the Manager and players. There is literally some strategy for every pitch.

I guess “life” is a little like that. You have a strategy for every pitch. No strategy is a strateg, probably not a good one, but still a strategy.

The “Citizens Police Academy” in the city where I live is starting to wind down to the last few sessions. It has been very interesting and enlightening in more ways than I expected.

Sometimes I wonder how the regular “8 to 5” (with some variations) continues to be considered the “standard” shift, even though many professions work other shifts.

Not only the regular ones you think of, but also there are the people working at the overnight convenient stores, etc.

I read recently where Wal Mart raised it’s wages, expecting to take a hit on profits etc. due to the higher wages.

At least so far, “surprise”, the workers are more productive, there is less turnover, they have good ideas and Was Mart is making better profits. That is probably one interpretation and is teh short term result, but it doesn’t surprise me a bit.

“Office day” today. I have a lot of stuff to catch up on, so I am looking forward to getting some things done today.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, October 25, 2016.


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