2016 Fall October 27 Thursday


57 degrees this morning. Walk 36:22 minutes

The iWatch arrived yesterday! Due to other activities about all I did was unpack it. The case is beautiful, yet so simple.

Apple products are always packed so nicely, almost a thing of beauty in itself. This time I took pictures of each stage of the unpacking.

One thing I noticed about the first iPhone was how so many Apple products can be operated almost on an intuitive basis. When I saw the iPhone, I realized exactly how to operate it at least on a minimal basis.

Kind of like Bridge, it is relatively easy to learn, impossible to really get good at it!

I am going to really concentrate on using the IWatch. I figure it is guaranteed for two years, and I’ll probably use it for four years before it becomes obsolete.

Of course when I got my first iPhone, (and probably my first computer), I thought “who could what more than this”. Of course, all it took was the next upgrade!

Actually, I jumped from an iPhone 3 to an iPhone 5, which I believe is a jump of about 4 generations of iPhone!

Actually, this iWatch probably does have most of what I will even want. Probably a better battery will be the reason I upgrade .

Anyway, it will be fun (and probably somewhat frustrating) to learn the capacities of the watch.

My first action will be to learn how to turn it on and how to charge it! Then “telling” time and then probably the GPS operation.

After that my priorities will probably be on reminders, messages etc. and then some of the other apps I probably don’t even know about.

Now I will start saving my “cashback” from the credit card for an iPad Pro, that is, when the new upgrade comes out!

Walking this morning and hearing some of the noises (coyotes yelping in the distance etc.) I wondered what it was like to walk the same ground 100 years ago, or 200 years ago. It is a strange feeling.

One thing I really like about this addition is that, for the most part, it was built in accordance “with the land” and doesn’t appear to have been a lot of “leveling” etc. The land is probably somewhat the same terrain as it was 100 or 200 years ago, although I’m sure there has been more “scraping” than I realize.

Part of this is probably from listening to my book during my walk which is currently in the field of literature about 150 years ago..

I was rather fascinated by one book I have never heard of before, by Herman Melville (Moby DickI) called Benito Cereno. I doubt that I will ever read it, but the plot is that on a ship, the slaves take over a ship

Instead of acting like they are in charge, the slaves make the crew (Captain etc.) play their past roles while the slaves play the roles of slaves, but are actually in charge.

Apparently the way the book was written, it takes the reader a while to realize what is happening. Brings up a lot off thoughts about roles, role playing etc.

That’s it for now, Thursday, October 27, 2016


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