2016 Fall October 29 Saturday

66 degrees this morning, walk 36:02 minutes

While I know general advice is to lift weights on an every other day schedule at the most, I have a difficult time not doing sit-ups and lifting weights every day.

It isn’t like I am doing any substantial heavy lifting, and it makes me feel better when I do it.

Since I started lifting heavier weights (not a lot, 5 lb more on the dumbbells) and I’ve started doing bench press exercise, I have found that about every 4 days I need a break and so I don’t lift weights for one day. If it rains etc., it presents a natural break, or I just don’t lift weights one day after my muscles start feeling a certain way and I decide it is time for a break.

I don’t feel the same about walking. I like to walk every day, and when it does rain etc., I take a break and enjoy the break.

We have started going to the gym on a somewhat regular basis (we aim for 4 days per week) where I do the stationary bicycle and Aliene does the treadmill. We are trying to decide on the other exercise.

As always, time is a big factor.

Had a “personal” “computer chat”/phone/video training session on the iWatch. It actually helped out a lot (especially when I got the watch unlocked!). It is actually relatively easy to use and can do a lot and I am just on the surface yet.

I probably will schedule another session. They also advised me of an “operations manual” which is excellent.

Overall, I have a feeling there is no way I am going to return it in 14 days!

My major decision will be which are I wear it on and if I wear it with another watch!

Very likely I will wear another watch, but that is something I can decide as time goes on.

Overall, I am very pleased with it and glad I got the model I did, even if it did cost more than my second choice.

As I’m mentioned before, I learn to operate gadgets like the iWatch a little at a time, getting some experience, and then some “classroom” instruction that answers my questions and goes into more advanced operations etc.

The people with Apple will probably be tired of me before this is over, but I will become proficient in operation of the iWatch!

Listening to the “Great Classics of American Literature”, I realize again why I haven’t (and never will) read Walt Whitman.

The instructor reads some of the passages and interprets their meaning. I wonder how in the world he got all of that from what he read!

I could read it a 100 times (which I won’t even read it onceI) and never get that interpretation! I really don’t know where they get the what they interpret from what was written, but….

Glad the weekend is here. It is supposed to be in the 80’s today. We’ll enjoy it while it is here, I am sure the cold weather is coming!

That’s it for now, Saturday, October 29, 2016.


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