2016 Fall October 30 Sunday

66 degrees this morning. Walk 35:40 minutes

I was surprised to note it was 66 degrees when I got up this morning and then it was 60 degrees when I finished my exercise!

I usually don’t notice it, so I don’t know if it is normal, but I had my iWatch on, which is when I noticed it.

I put my iWatch on to “try it out” yesterday morning and didn’t take it off until I reluctantly removed it when I went to bed so I could charge it up!

To say I like it is putting it mildly. It fits very well (I’m glad I spent few extra dollars on a nice band and watch, it will be well worth it.)

Of course what I really like is what it does. I spent a large part of the day learning the capacity etc. and the wide variety of things it can do. It is really amazing.

I expect it’s weakness will be it’s battery life, like a lot of electronics.

It was interesting to see my heart beat rate. I have never paid a lot of attention to my exercise heart beat, since my regular heart beat is so low (in the 36-43 ppm range if resting).

I had never observed my heart beat while exercising before. I watched my heart beat on the exercise bike yesterday and during (really after) my walk this morning. It was interesting. I’m going to have to read up on what my heart rate is supposed to do while I am exercise. It did increase some, but I don’t know what it means.

I have it set up so it follows me all day and lets me know how long I walk, how many calories I may have burned etc. I’m still not sure what all it measures.

Also, I was surprised at the number of times it advised me it was time to “get up and walk around for a minute”! I never considered myself as someone who sat around for long periods!

And this is all just the very basic “apps” etc. There are a lot of more specialized apps out there that I have looked at but haven’t installed yet. I wanted to take it a little bit at a time!

“Lucas”, not “Lucus”. I am always a little discouraged when I make a mistake that I shouldn’t. I was writing a letter and kept trying to put “Lucus” (for Lucas, Kansas) and spell check kept changing it. Unfortunately it didn’t change the spelling to the correct spelling “Lucas”, but tried to switch me to Lulus or locus (depending on whether I used the capital letter or not).

Of course, this morning I realized suddenly (one of those “thunderbolts” that hit you) that I had misspelled it in the first place, even after I looked it up on Google to make sure I had spelled it correctly.

Unfortunately I can’t even blame age, since I have always occasionally had something like this happen!
I’ll probably keep writing about the iWatch until everyone gets very tired of it! It is a fascinating gadget, especially with the “apps” that are available for it. (Maybe there is an “app” for errors like I mentioned above!

It is interesting to note that some of the “tech” companies are starting to realize, or at least to admit, there is some limits on what they can accomplish. Apple apparently gave up on an “Apple car” and Google give up providing fiber service to many cities and some other projects.

On the other hand, it is rather sad to learn there are limits to dreams. Perhaps Apple learned a lot from the Apple car project (if there actually was one) and can provided improved software for cars etc. and Google may have realized that fiber is already obsolete and it is time to work on something else.

We’ll see. (Maybe)

That’s it for now, Sunday, October 30, 2016.


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