2016 Fall October 31 Monday

56 degrees this morning.

Cold weather crept in this morning, but it is supposed to be in the mid-eighties later today for “trick or treating”.

Several years ago, I bought some bandannas from Amazon, I think about $4.00 for a dozen, which obviously is much cheaper than I normally pay. Actually I bought them because I wanted to get a color that was noticeable for when I rode the bike or walked.

As they say, “you get what you pay for” as the bandanna edges quickly started unraveling, something that has never happened with the other bandannas.

I guess there are several ways of looking at it, it may be just as cost effective to buy the cheap ones and throw them away when they start to wear as to buy the better ones and keep them until I lose them or they become so faded I am embarrassed to wear them. That never happens on my walking or biking!

Of course, I also have to consider it may not be good to reward someone who makes inferior products also!

I have several hats and t-shirts that I am debating tossing or giving away. (Some of them are so decrepit I wouldn’t give them away!).

It is strange it is so difficult to get rid of something like that, I guess it is every t-shirt and hat (or many of them) have some type of memory attached to them.

I have been planning to set up a “hat and t-shirt photo album” and I will do that and start getting rid of them. It is a lot easier when I have a picture!

Wrote down a dream:

10-30-16; Dream Sunday

Don’t remember a lot of this dream but it took place in the farm house we grew up in.

Both my Mom, Dad and some of my bothers and sisters were in the dream.

We seemed to have mysterious visitors who were talking to my parents in one room. It was night.

I went to bed. I had a piece of chocolate cake with me.

I woke up at my usual time (some of the present time here) and then some more visitors came back to talk with my parents again.

Somehow both my bed and pice of chocolate cake disappeared.

I was looking for them when I woke up

Can’t remember the early part of the ream but it was a strange dream.

My brothers and sisters are all sitting around listening, but none of us understand what they were saying or who the visitors were.

Somewhat like my dream the night before. In the I left a good dress jacket (a sport jacket) and something else somewhere..

When i realized I had left it, I went back to look, but I couldn’t find the building i had been in.

I couldn’t remember any of the other parts of it, so I din’t write i down.

That’s it for now, Monday, October 31, 2016.


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