2016 Fall November 2 Wednesday

71 degrees this morning, walk 36:49 minutes

Used iWatch for morning walk this morning (with backup from my normal watch I used to time my walk). Seemed to work well, calculated not only time, but also the distance, steps, calories used, heartbeat etc.

The more I use the iWatch, the more I am impressed with it. The battery life isn’t going to be a problem, at least as long as I don’t wear it to bed to get a sleep report, and even if I should do that, i probably could arrange to get it charged. So far, I have had well over 60% battery left at the end of each day, although that could change as I use it more.

I’m sure, like most computers, it does a lot more than I will ever realize, but I am gradually learning!

As I mentioned previously, the biggest problem will be evaluating the “apps”. The poor quality of the “reminders plus” app made me suspicious of the article (and the magazine) I read about it, since I have a feeling the article was a paid tout for the apps it mentioned, considering the extremely poor “reminders plus” app.

As I have mentioned before, overall I am very pleased with the Apple apps over 3rd party apps. The “Notes”app is really good and has really improved the past year or so.

Actually the “notes” and “calendar” make a pretty good “reminder” app. Evernote also has a good reminder feature if I remember to use it!

Today marks 2 years and one month in my present job and 2 year and 4 months since we moved to this area.

Finishing up the “Citizens Police Academy” program of the City I live in. Actually I am impressed by the program they have here. I think it is a good example of what can be accomplished when a city commits to providing for service to the citizens and not pander to the lowest level of cutting taxes etc. without considering the resulting cuts in services.

Something the state legislature should learn here, instead of pandering to buy votes and paying off their friends and contributors and lobbyists.

Another dream, for some reason I am dreaming up a storm. Most of them I don’t remember long enough to write down, but I am really having some vivid dream.

11-1-16 dream.

Dreamed I drove to a local library and parked in a covered parking right next to the library entrance. Obviously this is not a Library I am familiar with!)

Went into the Library and set and read the papers, listening to new age music.

A librarian gave me a bottle with a little bit of whiskey in it (Jim Beam I think). I don’t drink alcohol, but I finished the bottle. (I realized in the dream I don’t drink also and I decided in the dream this would confirm that practice!)

I want to throw the bottle (and a lot of water bottles for some reason) away, but all of the trash baskets were full. I finally went out in the garage and lest it a big trash bin.

For some reason I was putting stuff in a trunk when I realized it was someone else’s car.

I walked back to my car and a truck with a camper (speeding into the parking garage ) almost ran me over. I was screaming a the driver as I went to my car.

I woke up.

It wasn’t any library I know of course, with covered parking right next to the library!.

No idea what all of that means.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, November 2, 2016.


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