2016 Fall November 3 Thursday

64 degrees this morning No walk (rain or at least had rained and threat of rain)

Cubs win the World Series!

While there is nothing wrong with sports as such, I don’t like the overwhelming importance of something that is basically just an artificial construct that should just be entertainment.

However, I am glad to see the Cubs finally win a World Series! For some reason I started following the Cubs years ago (around 1986) and Aliene was also a fan.

I recently noted where “sports” had been expanded to people watching other people play video games! This appears to be about as interesting as watching grass grow, or paint dry, but, whatever people like is fine with me.

I just saw where a electronics “game” company maker (Electronic Arts) reported that “engagement” with one of its recent games was 2.5 hours per day. 2.5 hours per day on a meaningless game is amazing! I assume they mean the more involved players, not the average player who purchases the game.

I recently read where “sports” have now been expanded to huge machines fighting each other “to the death” (whatever that means).

The article was about the US and Japan building huge robots who are going to fight each other. Not quite sure when this is going to happen, although to be honest, I can see the challenge in building a robot to do that, I’m not sure how much interest the actual “fight” would be.

I continue to learn more about the “iWatch” and what it can and can’t do. I do wish it had a “driver mode” where it would delay any notices etc. It may well have it, although I try to limit any “notifications” anyway from the iWatch.

Actually, as I wrote that, I realized it does have a “mute” function which is very easy to implement, which I will need to do so. I also don’t need it going off in meetings etc. any more than I want my phone going off.

My phone has been measuring my “steps” for some time. While I consider myself to be a relatively active person, I have been surprised at how many times I don’t make “10,000 steps” or something close.

Considering that my morning walk normally is well over 50% of the 10,000 steps, I wonder how active I am when I’m not walking!

Another dream yesterday morning. Not sure why I am dreaming so much, or maybe it is just thatI am remembering them better for some reason.


Dream in large older home (may have been, in my mind, home when I was a kid, the way i remember it as much larger than it was).

Not sure what we were doing, but Aline was there and then had to go someplace

My brother in law came in and we talked and looked for something. He went to sleep.

I walked out and someone who I didn’t recognize stopped me and excitedly took me in to show me a piece of paper.

I was looking at the piece of paper to see what was written when I woke up.

Again, have no idea what all this means!

That’s it for now, Thursday, November 3, 2016.


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