2016 Fall November 4 Friday

55 degrees this morning. Walk 36.58 minutes

Dressing for my walk, 55 degrees sounded cold, however it was actually fairly warm. Foggy, I don’t know if it holds in the warmth or not, I always thought it made it feel colder.

Glad it is Friday, while I enjoy working, it is nice to have a break.

I am continuing to learn about the iWatch. As I become familiar with it, it is easier to learn new aspects of it.

I saw quote this morning “A problem cannot be solved with the same consciousnesses that created it”. It is attributed to Albert Einstein.

Considering that Einstein thought in math terms, he may have been saying that to solve a problem you created, you have to take an entirely new view of it.

I believe it is a matter of avoiding buying into a problem and failing to consider new alternative because of the “sunk costs”, whether those costs are time or money or whatever.

I thought about the definition of “consciousnesses” could be anything from a new person to just thinking in a different way from when the problem was created.

Of course, “problem” can even be a matter of definition. I guess a “problem” requires some sort of action. If you are happy with a situation, you probably don’t consider it a “problem”, since you are content.

Maybe that is a way of prioritizing time. It could be something I have tended to view as a “problem” perhaps isn’t a problem and I need to just forget about some of the “problems”.

Defining a “problem” and whether it is even a problem seems like the first step. I don’t think there is any objective measurement of defining a “problem”.

Maybe that is one thing I can do is write down what I consider to be “problems” and think about what priority I should set on each problem.

Then I would need to review how the problem came about and what I was thinking when the “problem” developed and what “consciousness” I was in when the problem was created.

Of course it also could mean a problem should be solved by other than the person who created it.

However, I have to feel that the person who created the problem may be the best person to resolve the problem since they are familiar with the events/actions that created the problem in the first place!

Anyway, the quote caused me to think about problems, which is good.

I will need to look at the context of his quote and thin some more about it.

The ‘Citizens Police Academy” is almost over. I have enjoyed it and learned a lot. I will be glad to get my evening back,, but it was a good use of my time.

Will do some more thinking about “problems” and “consciousnesses”!

That’s it for now, Friday, November 4, 2016.


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