2016 Fall November 5 Saturday

60 degrees this morning. No walk due to other activities today.

Voted in “early voting” yesterday. Very long lines, took about an hour and 20 minutes (line was about an hour). Very efficient once we got into the door. Considering the length of the line it w ent fast.

It is a good thing they have “early voting” now, I expect a single day would be almost impossible for this election.

I didn’t have any problem deciding who to vote for this year on any person or any of the “State Questions”.

Voting is always somewhat of a complex action. In your heart, you know your single vote isn’t going to count. However, you know that if everyone thought that way it would be a disaster (and it may be anyway), so you vote.

I think the problem with voting is that the “Mass Delusions and the Hysteria of Crowds” is frequently in effect as people vote exactly opposite to what will benefit them.

I looked up “mass delusions” and I was surprised at how many episodes there have been, not related to voting.

I think if you looked at voting you would see a lot more episodes.

What is really scary is the “big money” that is involved now. “Initiatives” or “State Questions” aren’t really the “people” sponsoring them, it is now big money, trying to ram through special treatment for themselves. It is not just business, in this state the colleges are trying to get a lot of money in the guise of a raise for teachers. Of course there is a raise for teachers but a large portion goes to a slush fund for the colleges.

The problem is the state legislature won’t take necessary action to make sure teacher raises (and other necessary projects) are funded. They pander to get votes based on meaningless “tax cuts” that actually benefit the high income more than the lower income and brag about a $40 per year “tax cut” as if that is a good thing rather than adequately funding necessary state services. A real shame.

Kind of like the mileage rate for employees in this state. A law was passed (snuck through) that state employees who are REQUIRED to drive their cars will now have the mileage rate set by a bunch of overpaid state agency bureaucrats who will probably get huge raises based on “savings” of reducing the mileage rate for already underpaid state employees instead of using the generally accepted federal tax rate.

Of course, the first action I read on this (before they even started to determine the rate) was “expect it to be lowered”. Hardly a fair impartial process. illustrates the true goal.

I always laugh when I hear someone say they think government should be “run like a business”. I guess that includes paying off top officials who make mistakes millions of dollars to go away, or raising prices like the drug companies do even if you kill people, illegally coordinating setting prices, paying excessive salaries and the other unethical actions of business people.

Not that there aren’t a lot of good ethical businesses and business people, I expect many more good than bad, but there are many examples of excessive greed and unethical behavior.

Speaking of, Samsung just had to recall a bunch of washing machines that explode or something. Certainly reinforcing my decision to never, ever buy a Samsung product of any type. I wonder how that company can live with itself, especially after the situation with the employees.

A Saturday meeting of the Citizens Police Academy is today. It should be interesting, although I am glad there is only one Saturday meeting.

That’s it for now, Saturday, November 5, 2016.


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