2016 Fall November 6 Sunday

60 degrees this morning 36:39 minute walk

Well, I finally did it. I forgot about the time change and got up an hour early. Didn’t notice it until I looked at my iPhone, then I went back to bed for an hour!

We had a family birthday gathering last night, so we didn’t even think about changing the clocks, even though it was mentioned several times yesterday.

We try to have a birthday party for “everyone” (other than the small children who have an individual birthday party, and do it twice a year.

We used to do it quarterly, now we do it semi-annually (January to June, and then July to December) since, with children etc. people are much busier.

Fortunately I had decided I was wasting too much time “piddling” before I started my walk, so this morning I decided I was going to get going, which is why I noticed the time change relatively fast.

I used to use the “fall back” of Daylight Savings time ending to try to train myself to wake up earlier, but now I’m satisfied with when I get up and I really don’t want to get up earlier. i frequently wake up about 30 minutes earlier than I normally wake up and I just go back to sleep!

I really note how time passes so fast when you see children grow up. I believe once you get pas t the rapid changes (probably up to 21 or so, or maybe 40 years old, you start to notice just how fast time goes by.

Used my Watch for my walk this morning. It gives you all kinds of information besides the walk including the distance, your heartbeat, the elevation changes you walk etc. I still need to figure out how to open up the information after I “save” it!

The Citizen Policy Academy had a session yesterday (the only Saturday session) and then we had the birthday party, so yesterday was busy. At the Citizen Police Academy we saw the “Canine” units which was interesting.

Some of the the more interesting things I learned were why dogs are so good at smell (the sensors in their mouth and nose), they are having fun and think it is a game (they can be biting someone and their tale is wagging.

They do it for a “reward” of a play toy!

What was really interesting (and slightly scary) was that when the cap a dogs weak tooth, they cap it with a metal cap which gives them an especially threatening appearance!

Listening on my walk to “Great American Literature”.

The lecturer is now reviewing Emily Dickinson. I hadn’t realized that her poems weren’t discovered until after she died.

She had published 9 poems “anonymously” so she was completely unknown until after she died. They discovered 1775 poems. Many of them were on little pieces of paper etc.

This is another American authors I have probably never read, and probably won’t However I have enjoyed listening to the lecturer and hearing about interpretation of it.

That’s it for now, Sunday, November 6 2016.


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