2016 Fall November 7 Monday

60 degrees this morning, walk 36:22 minutes

Earthquake last night, first one I have ever actually felt. I heard two before, I’m not sure which is worse, hearing them or feeling them.

I was sitting in my chair (a fairly heavy chair) and I felt it wobble and then bells (I assume church bells) started, apparently set off by the earthquake.

i have to admit, it was not a good feeling to be in an earthquake, even a relatively light one.

We found out it was a 5.3 (later changed to a 5.0) about 60 miles away.

It was near a city with extensive oil pipes and oil storage. Some karma in that, since the oil companies created the earthquakes.

I understand the earthquakes are deep so they don’t do a lot of surface damage (depending on what you mean by “damage”).

Anyway feeling that one earthquake was more than enough earthquakes for me.

Start of the work week, looking forward to a three day weekend this weekend (Friday is Veterans Day). It will be a nice break.

I had a chance to learn more about the iWatch yesterday. If it is a toy, it is one heck of a toy! I am amazed at what all it will do.

When I got it, I had planned to continue wearing my other watches, since I really like both my “dress watch” and my “informal watch”, plus a couple of inexpensive exercise watches.

I will continue to wear them occasionally because I like them, but the iWatch really has a lot of capabilities .

To be honest, I had never paid much attention to my “exercise heart rate”, so I had to scurry and research “activity heart rate” to see what it was supposed to be based on my normal heart rate. It was ok, or actually excellent, I think. Obviously it was well below the standard “maximum heart rate” (220-my age). I’ll research it some more to see what it means.

Also, the GPS is helpful in that it provides he exact distance plus it provides a map of where I w walked. It is good enough I can tell which side of the street I was on.

Perhaps even better, it saves everything and provides historical reference, averages etc.

Even better, I can use it for outside cycling, stationary cycling and even my weight lifting.

Of course, it is only good if I use the information, but it will be good to spot any trends, if I am getting slower (or faster) etc.

Listening to “The Great American Classics” lectures while I walk. While I never read her (or at the least one poem of so), Emily Dickinson impressed me and I hope I have time to sit down and read some of her poetry.

While I may not read any of her poetry, I would like to. I don’t have any intention of even reading Thoreau or Walt Whitman, at least based on the lectures.

There was a 60% chance of rain this morning when I walked. The weather forecast for this area is so wrong so often, I didn’t even consider not walking, I just assumed the weather forecast was wrong.

Not that I am complaining that it doesn’t rain when it is forecast! Now, if it was the other way….

That’s it for now Monday, November 7, 2016


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