2016 Fall November 8 Tuesday

61 degrees this morning, walk 35:53 minutes

Almost didn’t walk this morning, looked like rain and ground was wet.

Rained most of day yesterday, at least on and off. Only rained really hard for several minutes.

Concerning the elections, I read in the local newspaper that the state legislature was going to be “more of the same” believe it or not. I guess people get what they elect, but I still blame the “term limits” for not encouraging people to run for office who are more qualified and have a longer term view.

Most of the candidates appear to be running on the platform of “reduce taxes and school choice” (i.e. shoveling money to their friends in the Charter school business who have learned to game the Charter school system)-Not that there aren’t good Charter schools, but it seems like public schools funds are continually being reduced.

It seems they should have some long term view of what the State needs, “reducing taxes” without any reason or program is hardly much of a platform except for someone who wants to pander to the lowest part of human nature.

Of course, the majority are like the State Attorney General, there is all kinds of money to shovel at their favorite causes, wild goose chases targeting the federal government as the devil that employ a lot of his friends and political supporters , I expect, while they destroy the state education and service delivery systems. He was so scared of a “public audit” he wanted to use more state funds to get this favorite auditor to audit the books! (The “public audit’ turned out ok anyway, but makes you wonder what he was trying to hide.)

Election Day today! It is hard to believe it is finally here. It always bewilders me why so much attention is paid to the national level and so little to the local level. The local level is where you will have the most impact, since realistically the average person has absolutely no impact at the national level.

I read somewhere that one reason sports are so popular is that there eventually is a “decision”. Like it or not, a decision is made In a way, elections are somewhat like that except living with the decision can be a lot more difficult!

Another dream, these are “partial dreams” since I didn’t remember the entire dream.


Dream: Walking down a “buffet” line, fish are whole fist with heads. (All I remember from this dream).

Second dream.

Apparently dreaming I was City Manager, got a call about a matter, find out the guy lives in a bus in my front yard. (Remember, this is a dream, not reality, thank goodness!)

He lived in a sort of old school bus with several little travel trailers connected.

I remember thinking I was glad I just rented the house!

Question about “home occupation”

Same name a s good friend whose died recently, obviously different person.

Can’t remember the question.

That may be the way a lot of life is!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, November 8, 2016


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