2016 Fall November 9 Wednesday

53 Degrees this morning. Walk, 36:30 minutes (estimated, forgot to stop the stopwatch)

Unfortunately, due to a malfunction on the computer I lost my post this morning.

The way I write my posts, I can’t really recreate it since it is strictly flow of thoughts.

Who knows, it may be for the best!

What seemed to happen is the new programs refused to open. I”m sure there is a simple explanation.

When i tried to get the other programs to open, I lost my post, much to may dismay.

Now that the iWatch stores all of my “walk data”, I hate to forget to stop the time, since it will leave an aberration on the data. Maybe it will help me to remember to shut off the watch when I end my walk!.

Sometimes I am so buried in my own thoughts or listening etc., I just forget.

Elections are over, thank goodness.

In this state, it seems the same people who created the problems get re-elected.

I don’t think term limits help, I think they just stop people from running and encourage people who do run to “grab what they can” while in office since they don’t have any reason to worry about the future.

I think the idea was the term limits would stop State Legislatures from worrying about getting re-elected and they would make good long-term decisions. Didn’t happen.

The voters didn’t approve several “State initiatives”, including the attempt by big agriculture to get special privileges, one that would give teachers raises (that was good) but also made a huge slush fund for colleges.

Maybe the State Legislature will develop some courage and provide decent raises for teachers (and all state personnel) instead of being cowards.

Running out of time, so will keep this short.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, November 9, 2016.



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