2016 Fall November 11 Friday

55 degrees this morning, Walk 35:10 minutes

A 3 day weekend, thank goodness As I have mentioned before I love “Holidays”. While it isn’t like that now, a “vacation day” for me wasn’t all that much since I still got phone calls etc.. Now it isn’t quite the same, but i still feel the internal pressure to check e-mail etc and generally keep up.

Veterans Day today. While I am a Veteran I don’t feel like I really did that much (except 4 years of my life) compared to others.

About to the point of canceling my physical newspapers. For one reason, I have very strong negative feelings about supporting the local newspaper with even a penny when the the editorial page continually attacks what I believe and encourages actions that I believe are destroying the city and state.

I have to admit the local paper does not appear to allow the editorial opinion to influence he news paper, but I’m sure it does.

The Wall Street Journal used to be fair in their stories, but now they are allowing their editorial opinion to influence their stories, so it may be time to cancel my subscription on it anyway.

The problem with internet news is that they allow the advertising to take over, and it is almost impossible to read them. (This is not so for some of the sites, such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal)

As I have mentioned before, I think I’ll put a long “vacation stop” on the papers and see how I get along. One problem is I really enjoy the physical Sunday New York Times, and I hate to give that up.

I really wonder why big companies are always asking you to donate to THEIR charities? When I read about them going millions to political candidates etc. I don’t have any reason to donate to THEIR charities. They even beg you for money as you check out (of course, I just always say “no”, I donate to my own charities).

I thought about that because every time I put a “vacation stop” I am asked to donate the paper to a charity etc. Sure, I am sure it goes to a charity!

I noticed the hogs (lobbyists, companies etc.) are starting to gather at the public trough. They already are crowing about a “mandate” (where is that?, he didn’t even win he popular vote) to reduce taxes on the rich, increase taxes for the lower income and shovel money to private companies and allow (encourage?) big business, drug companies, banks etc. to openly screw consumers again . Sickening.

I read where many of the lobbyists, special interest groups etc. will “helpfully” provide new laws etc. that of course give them special favors etc.

I really notice a comparison with Hitler in the latest presidential campaign. Scapegoating minority groups (“it’s all their faultI), outrageous lies and juvenile behavior. He is already starting to revert back after trying to show some class for a day or so after the election.

I always see Veterans Day as some kind of marker that it is the start (somewhat) of the “Holiday Season” and definitely means the year is almost over and a new year is beginning.

That’s it for now, Friday, November 11, 2016.


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