2016 Fall November 12 Saturday

41 degrees this morning. Walk 34:43 minutes

Waiting to see if this will be a “record year” for the latest “first frost”. Still about a month to go.

Right now it is 38 degrees, which is getting close!

Saw something on Facebook this morning that was depressing. Some idiot had published something that the incoming president had “declared burning the flag to be treason”.

What is even worse, 21,000 people “liked it”. Sick. even though I don’t know if they were all “likes”, since there were many “anger” responses also.

Soon anyone who doesn’t agree will have to wear a star and not be able to own property. Nazi Germany, here we come.

For the first time ever, I “de-friended” the person who sent it to me and reported it to Facebook as a false news story, and asked not to see any more such stories.

Of course, there are two sides to not seeing the stories, it doesn’t raise my blood pressure or waste my time being angry, but also I don’t know what the idiots are thinking.

Treason for burning a flag is insane. I would have thought it was satire, except the same person had sent similar trash.

Anyway, if I don’t have it on my Facebook page such trash isn’t taking up room that it shouldn’t be taking up.

In a way I feel somewhat uneasy about not receiving such information, but I don’t see why I should wast my time.

I have learned a lot of the “surface” stuff about the iWatch, now I will need to dig deeper.

I am considering wearing my watch while I sleep to get details about my sleeping. Still undecided about that.

My next major apps are probably going to be a “sleep analysis” app and an app that keeps track of my pulse all day.

I have learned to depend a lot on the “reviews” of an app. I decided to stay away from the apps with “too few reviews” or with a very small number of reviews.

The iWatch has a one minute (you can repeat itI) “Breath interlude”. Actually it is beneficial. Not that I couldn’t do it without it, but it reminds of it and kind of leads you through a “guided mindfulness” of breathing. It sounds rather strange but it does work. It tells your heartbeat after you are done.

It also has a reminder to “stand” at least once an hour. Again, it sounds rather strange but it does work.

The Holiday is over and the regular weekend is here. It was nice to have an “extra” day!

That’s it for now, Saturday, November 12, 2016


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