2016 Fall November 13 Sunday


44 degrees this morning, walk 35:25 minutes.

I gave the iWatch a good battery test by accident and it passed with flying colors.

I accidentally left the watch on overnight, so when I put it on the charger, it had been on for over 24 hours, it had gone through two “walks” (which supposedly the GPS uses the battery more) and when I put it on the charger this morning, it still had 52% battery left!

That will actually work fairly well, since it takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery and it normally is about 2 hours after I finish my walk before I need it. I shower etc., do my journal, take a nap etc., so it is a natural cycle to get my watch recharged.

I believe I forgot and left my watch on since I normally “change” watches during the day before I got my iWatch that I wear all the time.

I had an “exercise watch”, an “informal wear watch”, a “somewhat more dressier watch and a watch I wear when I dress up. I usually ended up changing watches at least 4 times a day.

The only problem with the iWatch is I like my other watches and I don’t want to not wear my watches. I will need to figure that out.

I can always wear two watches either on one arm or one on each arm. I especially like the watch Aliene gave me when we got married (which is the one I wear when I dress up).

I have always liked watches and have had to restrain myself from buying watches, since I can only wear one a time.

I know there are times I won’t want to wear the iWatch, when I am doing certain types of work etc. Also there will b certain times I’ll want to wear the “somewhat more dressier“watch and there are times when I’ll want to wear the “best” watch, when I probably will wear the iWatch on my right wrist”.

Anyway, I am very pleased to find the battery is so strong.

Reading an article about how all of the “stuff” the “Baby Boomers” accumulated is having a hard place finding a home. The children/grandchildren don’t want it and there is really no market for it.

So many people are dealing with having to dispose of artifacts (or at least “things” that have been in the family for generations and no-one wants them and they hate to give them to thrift stores or whatever.

The actual story was about people retiring and “downsizing” and simply have no place to put their stuff they have accumulated or that they got from their parents.

Many people have a more minimalist view of material things, so there isn’t much of a demand for such things any more.
Part of the story revealed how some children suddenly were “gifted” these “things” they had no desire for.

I remember seeing some people “downsize” and end up with a home full of stuff they didn’t want to get rid of.

I can understand their dilemma, I believe the best thing is to just not accumulate. I have really avoided buying “things” the past few years since I realize after a while “things you own” may end up “owning” you!

That’s it for now, Sunday, November 13, 2016


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