2016 Fall November 14 Monday

52 degrees this morning, walk 34:14

Read an article about “design” yesterday. It was interesting to read how “design” can affect the perception of a product or service either in a negative or positive sense.

Our perceptions are based on a lot of cultural icons or thoughts, and so the concept of “design” may not be international or global. (I’m not sure if the article actually said that, that was my perceptions.)

It is strange how a company will pay millions of dollars for a new “design” of a trademark or whatever, and so many times don’t see the obvious defects that made the trademark a laughing stock and the new, very expensive, trademark is immediately pulled from the market.

Kind of “the emperor has no clothes” concept or that only the Joker can tell the King the truth and King (the company in this case) didn’t bother appointing a Joker so he will know the truth, etc.

Perhaps “group speak” or “if you pay enough money it has to be good” fallacy.

Anyway, the thrust of the article was that design is important. The title appeared to indicate that perhaps the importance of changing design had been taken to extremes.

As usual, something different works, so the mob gathers and takes everything to extremes.

Listening during my walk to lectures about “American Literature”. I just finished listening about “Tom Sawyer” and Huckleberry Finn” and “Pudd’nhead Wilson”.

Again, I have read the first two (I don’t recall reading the 3rd) and there was many aspects I certainly missed when I read them, although actually I was aware of a lot of the aspects he mentions.

I remember a teacher saying that Mark Twain became a “bitter old man” and it was reflected in his writing (true).

Anyway, the impact it had on me was I decided I wasn’t going to become a “bitter old man” and I think the comment the teacher made had a lot of influence on me as I aged and I was determined not be become a “bitter old man” who saw only disappointment in life.

Of course, it was true that Mark Twain became a “bitter old man” and he writing deteriorated because of it or at least reflected it so his humor was no longer good.

When we lived in Memphis, every time I went over the Mississippi, I thought about floating down the Mississippi on a raft. It would have been quite a journey.

I would look at the river and wonder how in the world they would float down there on a raft.

The “Great American Literature” course is now going into Henry James, someone I don’t think I ever read (except for maybe excerpts) and am not really familiar with. I have read about him etc, but know very little of his writing, so it will be interesting to learn about him.

Again, I will probably never read any of his works, but at least I will have some acquaintance with his writings.

Surprised to note that my “iWatch” had 82% battery when I put it on the charger last night.

I decided not to use any of the “sleep” apps yet, none of them had a really good history of reviews. I’m not sure what comes first, the “chicken or the egg” so to speak, but I am not going to take a chance on an app that may be malicious or a “spy” app, especially considering the national government we have now or at least that is coming in! “1984” is finally here!

That’s it for now, Monday, November 14, 2016.


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