2016 Fall November 15 Tuesday

44 degrees this morning, walk 35:03 minutes

Thanksgiving is only a week and two days away and only one and 1/2 months left in 2016!

Now we will start making excuses like “we’ll do it after the holidays!”.
I had a lot of things I was going to do “before the Holidays” that won’t happen, at least “before the Holidays”.

I finally got rid of several “vampire” expenses of things that just keep renewing. Not a lot of money ($45 per month), but it adds up. Also just makes me feel good that I cancelled the items.

One was something I just don’t need anymore, (data on iPads) the other was a contact/reminder/task program that I reduced to “free” status, since all I used was the services that were with the “free” account level.

I think it is kind of like avoiding having “stuff” around, it is just one more thing you don’t have to worry about. I have one more “vampire” magazine I have to cancel and then that will be it.

I think the “automatic renewal” is really insidious and they ought to advise you of cost increases and renewal periods so you can make a conscious decision to renew or not renew.

I am reading more and more information from historians etc. that reinforces my feeling that we are living (or will be living) in a “Nazi Germany” political situation. There is a “leader” who blames everything on minority segments of society and if you disagree with him you are “wrong” and he didn’t can’t take responsibility for any mistake

What is so bad is he is appointing zealots and nuts who are worse than him and get off on the feeling of power and will go to extremes to destroy the “opposition”.

It will be a scary four years, and even worse when people start to realize he “over promised”.

Of course, what is worse is the “vice bully” and the zealot who are in the succession lines are even worse than the big bully.

I was thinking this morning about the difference between “listening” to a book or article and “reading” it.

Some books, I enjoy listening to more than I would enjoy reading, and, in many cases I wouldn’t “read” the book I enjoy listening too.

The reverse is also true. I get sent a couple of Newsletters that are really interesting and thoughtful to read.

However, I probably would never “listen” to them, but I enjoy reading them and going back and looking at some of the main points.

One, that I just got a copy of, is a “trends” newsletter that is very interesting to read. What is good is it simulated me to look up more information about the “Trends” they review. I’m not sure if they are right, but it is interesting to read.

The other Newsletter is one persons thoughts on world events and what he expects to happen. Again, he is interesting and encourages more thought. I first read it with skepticism
and then try to think about it as “what if he is right!”.

Anyway, there i no way I could just “listen” to those two Newsletters!

That’s if for now, Tuesday, November 15, 2016.


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