2016 Fall November 16 Wednesday

52 degrees this morning, walk 34;55 minutes

Any time I decide to watch something on tv, I say thank goodness for DVR’s etc. Commercials, “happy talk” etc. has taken over tv a substantial amount. Much of what isn’t advertising is “advertising” disguised as news.

I really wonder how long advertising can continue to support tv, the internet, magazines, sports stadiums etc.

Of course it is like professional sports, the few (relatively speaking) who watch them are subsidized by everyone else in the form of higher prices, high cable tv costs etc, not even counting the cities who force persons who rent cars and hotel rooms to pay excessive taxes to support stadiums etc. they will never benefit from. Seems like that should be illegal.

Listening to an analysis of the writer Henry James. Someone again that I have never read and probably never will read.

The lecturer did make an interesting point that may explain why I don’t always like the “film” version of books, especially if I read the book first.

He noted that “visual language” is much different from “written language” and it is difficult to translate “written language” into “visual language”.

It may be another aspect of what I was discussing yesterday, perhaps a slight difference between “audio language” and “written language”.

I expect that “audio language” is closer to “written language” than “written language” and “visual language”.

Maybe that is why I frequently don’t “get” movies, maybe I am lacking in visual language skills, or, more likely, just lack of understanding, or maybe people are reading stuff into it and are projecting themselves on the book or movie.

It could be that, in the time of Henry James etc., the only way they could bring up some subjects was in the guise they did. Probably a lot of truth in that.

One big exception to the “not liking the movie after reading the book”, is the book “Girl on a Train”. I’m not real sure if I would have understood the movie if I had read the book first.

For some reason all of my major programs (the Mac equivalent to Microsoft Word etc.) are “off the dock”. Very odd. Also very frustrating!

The Apple Store is moving back from it’s “temporary” store to it’s new “renovated” store, so I doubt if I can get any help there.

I am now outside of the 3 year window to get telephone help, so maybe I can find something on Google.
Middle of the week. I am looking forward to next week and a 4 day weekend!

“Graduated” from the Citizens Police Academy last night. It was educational, and interesting and worth the time, but I will be glad to get my Tuesday nights back!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, November 16, 2016.


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