2016 Fall November 18 Friday

51 degrees this morning. No walk

Forecast is for a “freeze warning” and a low of 30 degrees tonight! Winter weather may finally arrive, although they aren’t forecasting any snow etc.

I am not ready for snow, or cold weather for that matter!

I always notice the difference in my morning when I miss my walk I always feel a lot aware and creative after I take my walk.

Thanksgiving coming up, brings back memories of other Thanksgivings. Some of my earliest memories are of Thanksgiving events.

I kind of wonder why Thanksgiving was set on a Thursday instead of Friday, but I am glad they did since it has turned into a 4 day holiday!

It is rather odd that eight of the eleven holidays are in the time from Nov. 11 to the 3rd Monday in February, basically in three months. (Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year Day, Martin Luther King day and Presidents Day).

Listening to my book on lectures on “Great American Literature”, the lecturer noted that most of the books of early American Literature are about men or boys.

Apparently it was noted during that time also because last night on Jeopardy I learned that “Little Women” was written when a publisher asked the author to write a book about woman!

We usually tape Jeopardy and watch it as we can. While I probably wouldn’t do well in actual Jeopardy, it is relatively easy (for the most part) to come up with the answers at home. Of course there are still many answers that I think “how in the world do they remember that!

I have been having strong dreams again, this is one from yesterday.


Dreamed I was at some kind of party or gathering in a big house.

The house was designed for “private parties” and the party was upstairs.

Don’t remember what type of party or what type of event it was. .

Left and came back and then was difficult to turn on lights or find the party.

I went out again, and came back after trying to decide whether to come back or not.

The ground was frozen, like it was very cold.

Went in and several servers were giving out free boxes of Crackerjacks . I opened mine and wondered about spelling them on the floor.

Woke up.

Very strong dream, what I remember is only a small portion of it.

That’s it for now, Friday, November 18, 2016.


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