2016 Fall November 19 Saturday

33 degrees tis morning, walk 35:08 minutes

Cold weather is here, although it really wasn’t that bad for the walk. I overdressed as normal. I met two cars, which make it seem a little like rush hour compared to the number of cars I normally meet (none).

The iWatch gives me an entirely new perspective on the walk. It records the time, the average heartbeat, the elevation (changes I assume), the distance, the average pace of the walk, calories (active calories and total calories) as well as a map of where I walked! It also gives the exact time I started and returned.

Oh, and it also gives the temperature (30 degrees at the time of my walk). Amazing.

Although the temperature was 33 when I got up, 30 when I took my walk, it is supposed to get as low as 28 degrees before it starts to heat up again.

Always feel a lot better after my walk and shower.

I could save a lot of time in the morning if I could get up faster, it seems like I dawdle and waste a lot of time.

While I never use an alarm to wake up in the morning, I use one when I take my naps. I don’t like to nap more that 28 minutes since if I nap longer I get groggy. I can take a 28 minute nap and immediately a 15 minute nap and feel fine, but if I take a 43 minute nap I am groggy! I don’t try to figure it out, I just know what works!

Anyway, I am going to try to structure my time better right after I get up and see if can be more organized right after i get up. I think I could saved a lot of time.

Reading several articles, one about “Nationalist” and how many of the countries are becoming more “nationalistic” than “global”, one about how the emphasis on “diversity” my be counterproductive to the groups and society overall. However, I’ll need to discuss that in future posts.

Another dream yesterday I wanted to record.

11-18-16: Dream

Dreamed I was at some kind of event. It seemed like everyone had computers with them, but were sitting in the open.

The first evert seemed to be more structured, I can’t remember, but it involved computers also.

The second event was more unstructured, people sitting down in small groups etc.

Although it was in the open by a creek with several large trees around, there were desks and tables.

I kept looking for a place to sit, but couldn’t find a place to sit.

I apparently had something I was sitting on, and I couldn’t find it, although I still had my computer.

I started to sit down on the grass and an older man exercising and with a pair of hand grips (to build power in your hands) was there and got up and left, like I was taking his place.

People appeared to be waiting for the event to start, but it didn’t.

Somewhere in the dream, the main instructor for the Citizens Police Academy was there and Aliene and I were taking a nap.

I woke up.

That’s it for now, Saturday, November 19, 2016


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