2017 Fall November 20 Sunday

38 degrees this morning, walk 35:13 minutes

We finished listening to a novel “The Trespasser” yesterday. We listen to something while we are driving someplace, so it can be we listen to it for very short spurts or very long periods. It makes the drive go much faster.

We started that when we used to drive long distances when we lived near Memphis. It made the drive a lot shorter!

Tried to start reading a novel “Razor” by Car Hiaasen. I have given up, it is nothing but a vengeful, low class piece of junk.

The author used to be reasonably good, but apparently does not have the skill or desire to write satire well, rather just uses overblown stereotypes with vengeful behavior that just gets boring and tiresome.

I guess it may be the pressure or the publishers (or the desire to make more money) and he, and many authors, just don’t have the talent to write an interesting book all that often.

Anyway, that is why I waited for the book from the library, and I already know better than to get the Audiobook version.

There are a lot of other authors I quit readying because a lot of it was just a rewrite of the same plot (which is ok, if you can pull it off), frequently highlighting the main write and then ‘with” someone. Sure.

Not quite sure why I am reading so much less fiction. I think it is “time”, but then I think of the years when I had no time, and i was able to read fiction (and non-fiction) a lot more.

It could well be that the internet and other interests are just taking up a lot of my time, but when I find a book I like I find the time to read it.

Or it could be my tastes are changing, or the quality of fiction is changing and I, for whatever reason, (I am nof being judgmental) am not going along with the change.

Of course authors like Carl Hiaasen, who write some slop just to sell a book, don’t help matters any. There are a few others who (especially the “with” writers) who have a book mill and just churn out books.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t do it, I can’t blame them for wanting to make more money, it may be more the fault of book buyers who buy anything.

I don’t know what kind of a role Libraries have, who feel they have to buy multiple copies of a “popular” writer and thus provide an automatic base for any “popular” writer.

Of course, for all I know maybe very few people feel like me and they enjoy the books, more power to the.
On the other hand, I can rememberer reading “Nancy Drew” and the “Hardy Boys” years ago and then suddenly I quit reading them because I lost interest in that type of book and was interested in another type of book reading.

I expect time will tell. I am experimenting with reading fiction I normally don’t read (and finding out why I don’t read it in many cases!), but will see.

Looking back, I have had periods where I changed my reading habits, even quit reading novels etc. before, so I will see.

Continue to learn more about the iWatch. Read several articles on handling “apps” etc.

Took my first call on it the other day, it was a wrong number!

That’s i for now, Sunday, November 20 2016


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