2016 Fall November 22 Tuesday

68 degrees this morning, no walk (rain)

Light rain this morning, I thought maybe it had ended, but decided not to take the chance and it was lucky I didn’t walk.

This morning I really wanted to take my walk, it is a little different when the rain gives me a break! However, I didn’t want to take a chance.

First Thanksgiving dinner last night (or maybe I should say the first Holiday dinner, since it will continue until past January!).

At least it provided me with an early warning to watch what I eat. I thought I was taking small portions, but small portions of everything and very good and rich food makes for a lot of food!

I keep thinking of today as “Thursday”, even wrote “Thursday” on my calendar. I guess I am prepared for the Thanksgiving holiday.

It was our Toastmaster Club “Thanksgiving Dinner” and it was very nice. A chance to sit around and talk instead of standing up and talking!

Actually it was this time of year when I first jointed Toastmasters. I was lucky and found a good club which, at the time, met on the best night for me.

It actually was a very important part of my life for years, as I went from being a member to being one of the main officers of the club.

One of the things I learned was to always are aware of developing a “new class” of leaders who would be ready to take over in the future. I learned it by not doing it.

I can still remember the day I said “yes” to a leadership position in the club. I hadn’t been at all interested and then I suddenly was involved.

I was disappointed when I went to Memphis and never really found a compatible club and kind of went “inactive” for 13 years.

I remained a member of my original club and resumed going several years ago. It had changed a lot of course (including the name and meeting day), and it is still an excellent club.

It may be a good year for “brick” retail. I am already noticing larger crowds in the malls.

I believe it has been 54 years since the JFK assassination today.

Another dream (I have no idea where this one came from!)
11-21-16: Dream

Dream I pulled into garage after reading a story about a teenager killing his father.

I saw the teenager taking the gun and walking around from my open garage door. (In the dream he didn’t notice me). I even took my walking stick and aimed it at him wondering if I could get him to drop the gun.

Later (this is a dream), he was in the garage and I came up behind him and could have grabbed the gun, (it was stuffed down his back) but I didn’t for some r reason. (Another person was there.)

Later I was on an outdoor patio telling my Sisters about it. There was a wreck in front of the patio.

I woke up, glad it was a dream.

That’s it for today, Tuesday, November 22, 2016


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