2016 Fall November 23 Wednesday

50 degrees this morning, walk 35:34 minutes

All week, I have been two days ahead, it is finally Wednesday, which of course seems like Friday!

My iPhone 3 (my original iPhone, which I figure is about 7 years old, and it would be about the Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandchild of the iPhone 7). After two or three “Greats”, it probably doesn’t matter too much since it is probably obsolete!

Anyway, I am having a hard time finding any “apps” which will run on it. Even Audible won’t run on it anymore. Of course, it is still good for photos and music more music than anything .

I recently discovered a “security app”, which turns an old iPhone (or any Android phone) into a security camera. It actually works very well. It will make the iPhone 3S a very nice security camera I can monitor over any other phone (even with sound etc.).

However, it won’t work on my iPhone 3, but I will reset it and see.

Of course, the major problem is the usual ones of placing it where you can run an electric cord and how to place it.

Still haven’t solved those problems yet, but I think I can use some velcro to help out. One camera is free, more than one camera (old iPhone) and cloud storage is a small monthly fee.

A lot cheaper (and really just as good) as a security camera, although I don’t know how long an old iPhone will last. I’ll find out.

I’m going to reset my iPhone 3 and see if I can get it to work with the app.

i have to think that “1984” is actually her. I can be followed any place, anywhere without any problem and even without my knowledge. Fortunately I don’t know why anyone would want to, but… it is just the idea.

Of course, with the clowns we have coming into power, I am more worried about it.

Computer just froze up on me and I had to reset it. Fortunately I didn’t lose what I had written. (Maybe someone IS following me and they didn’t like what I wrote!)

Anyway I can easily see all of the “1984” aspects being used to follow, harass and try to intimidate persons. Actually, “wikileaks” is probably something like that.

However, with all of the security cameras etc. and iPhones etc. it would be very easy to monitor someone 24 hours a day without their knowledge and probably even control their car, cell phone etc.

In a way, I am surprised there hasn’t been more “blocking” apps and software made available, so that individuals can take action to prevent themselves being followed, observed by security cameras etc.

It figures it would be perfect for some business, like the “radar” and “radar detectors” (made by the same company of course), “escalating” so that every year of so law enforcement has to buy a new radar detector that can’t be followed by the radar detector and they they sell a radar detector that detects the new radar etc., so it goes!

By the way, the security app I mentioned is “Manything”.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, November 23, 2016.


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