2016 Fall November 24 Thursday

45 degrees this morning, Walk 35:36 minutes

Strange, this morning my iWatch said it was 40 degrees and my iPhone said it was 45 degrees Not a small difference! I figure it must be based on where the temperature is measured.

In any event, it is tough to dress for my walk in these temperatures since I tend to dress too warm, which is better than not wearing enough I guess.

Thinking about starting to extend my walk a little, undecided. I’d eventually like to get to about 1/3 more, which would be another 12 minutes or so.

Of course 12 minutes sounds like nothing, and it is, but it is the number of “12 minute” obligations that make the day get too busy! 12 minutes more walking then the time spent on the boxing bag, than the weights etc.

The iWatch actually has a very strong battery. Even after using the GPS for my walk, fiddling with it all day etc., it still has over 60% of the battery left when I put it on the charger. Actually could wear it for two days, but there is no use pushing it since there is a natural break when I can recharge it.

I actually miss it when it is recharging, that is how much of a part of your life it becomes.

Considering what a “series 1” iWatch can be purchased for (same watch except for the GPS, and waterproof as the Series 2, depending on which case etc. you purchase), frankly I think it is one of the biggest bargains out there.

Considering what the iWatch can do, the cost is trivial. My opinion obviously, and you still need to have an iPhone to sync it too. The system works well though.

It seems like every day I learn something more about it that just amazes me.

I started reading a novel that I “got into” which makes me feel better. I was beginning to think I was losing interest in reading. I realize change happens, but I would have really missed the pleasure I get out of reading a good novel.

Listening to the “Great American Literature” Lectures, they are on Robert Frost. I have to admit I never saw any sexual references in Robert Frost poetry, although I can see what the lecturer is getting too

Apparently Robert Frost is criticized for not being dense enough and to easy to read. (My words, but I think the concept is the same). I actually feel like that is what makes him a good poet.

Obviously I remember him most for “The Road Not Taken” and “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening”, but they haven’t even discussed these poems yet.

One short story he discussed before that was “The Yellow Wallpaper”, (by Charlotte Perkins Gilman) one I have never heard of before, but one that sounded interesting.

Thanksgiving Day today. I actually have a lot of memories of Thanksgiving Day, maybe more so than even Christmas. Maybe because the weather is usually better than Christmas, although one of the events I remember when I was a kid was a a bad snowstorm over Thanksgiving.

Actually it was 20 years ago today when I took an impulsive trip. (It is cheap to fly on Thanksgiving Day itself!) Not a lot happened, but I think I developed some insights into life and into myself.

That’s it for now, Thursday, November 24, 2016.


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