2016 Fall November Friday


40 degrees this morning. Walked 35:15 minutes.

Excellent Thanksgiving Day. It was a wonderful day weather wise and also the food and visiting was great!

Also a good day for a walk this morning even though it was supposed to ‘feel like 34 degrees”. I probably still dress too warm for my walk.

Trying to develop a schedule to go to the gym on a regular basis. After learning the YMCA here was primarily interested in making money by leasing the pool during swimming “prime time” rather than serving their members, we had no desire to support the YMCA in any way. They obviously are more concerned about the money they make than any service.

I accidentally saw the the letter the YMCA sent me where they basically said “we wan to lease the pool so we can make some money, TS, to to another YMCA 20 miles away. The City obviously didn’t care either, but elections are coming.

The gym we joined is a lot cheaper and has much better hours (actually they are 24 hours during the week and for some weird reason are closed from during the night for Friday and Saturday). Of course, there is no swimming pool, which is disappointing.

We are debating using a “trainer” for awhile, but haven’t decided yet.

A four day Holiday is really nice, provides a chance to really have a real break, Too bad there aren’t more of them, but I am glad for the ones we have!

The “American Literature” course I am listening to now has finished Robert Frost and now started on T.S. Eliot. Another author I probably have read some of his work, but I am more familiar with what I have heard about it than having actually read it.

I started to look up something on Google about T.S. Eliot and had so some much invasive advertising on the web page I was sent to, I just canceled out of it in disgust.

Nothing makes me more unlikely to buy something than some bullying tactic such as not letting me cancel out of an ad etc.

I think advertisers (or maybe the web pages, Facebook, Twitter etc.) need to read the story about the goose that laid the golden egg. They are getting to the point they are killing the goose and I don’t read a lot of stuff on the internet because I am tried to dealing the the invasive ads.

Somehow they seem to think like some salespersons, if they harass you enough you will buy from them. Not the way it works.

I learned from experience that a “good” salesperson doesn’t try to bully you etc. they just learn your needs and then how (and if) they can assist in resolving those needs.

Hopefully can work some more on the “security” system using some old cell phones.
Another project I learned I can use old cell phones for is as a “dashcam” for our car. I haven’t really started on that one yet. I try to find a “dashcam” that would be reliable and relatively easy to use and also one that wouldn’t attract attention or that could beastly moved..

Some of the driving around here would make entertaining videos!

Looking forward to the second day of my four day weekend! No, we aren’t participating in the “Black Friday” sales!

That’s it for now, Friday November 25 2016.


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