2016 Fall November 26 Saturday

30 degrees this morning, walk 35:12 minutes

In spite of the temperature, a nice morning for a walk.

Christmas is truly here, Aliene bought out the Christmas theme in the house! I enjoy he changing of he seasons (basically Christmas/New Year, Valentines, Spring, Summer and Fall, with some Halloween thrown in.

Technically the Thanksgiving Holiday is over, but of course, it is now the weekend so it is really just an extension of it!

We haven’t been out shopping at all (other than routine items). I have decided if I want to buy something (other than disposable items), I am going to buy what I want, not just because it is on sales.

The cost of possession is just too high to buy something just because it is on sale!

Watching “Formula 1” auto racing (obviously taped) as I write this. I actually like it best of any type of auto racing. NASCAR races are just too long, they need to change the format, except maybe for a very few of the classic races. Of course I always liked the format of the “Qualifying Heats, Semi-Main and Main”.

Formula 1 is one race, but it is relatively short and even has a time limit.

Listening this morning to T.S. Eliot again. As the lectures mentioned, many people find him unreadable (I have a feeling I am one of those). In “the Wasteland”, he actually added 4 pages of “notes” because the publisher told him he had to have four more pages, so rather than add four pages, he just added “notes”.

Anyway, this because a “new form” of literature (for a short time)! Strange how such things come about.

In spite of the fact that I probably have never and will never read any of his work, I love some of his quotes!

The series is just starting on F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Great Gatsby” is the first one the lecturer is going to review. Another great author for quotes!

We actually were in Asheville, NC one time and learned a lot about him. O’Henry is also buried there.

I always enjoyed O’Henry’s stories, although sometimes his surprise endings were a little hard to take, especially “The Gifs of the Magi”.

One thing I like about the series is I don’t know what the lectures are going to cover until I hear them, so it is kind of like opening a gift (some I like, some I don’t!) when he starts a lecture on a new author. But no matter what, I learn something.
It has been a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, a little cool, but not bad for this time of year. Around the house, I am still wearing shorts, a tee shirt and scandals, so that is good! I go out to check the mail etc. dressed like that, but dress warmer when we go out someplace!

Finished reading Jefferson Bass, “Without Mercy”. It was a good escapist book.

Looking forward to the rest of the weekend!

That’s it for now, Saturday, November 26, 2016.


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