2016 Fall November 27 Sunday


53 degrees this morning, walk 35:49 minutes

Although it is warmer than it has been other mornings, it felt cold this morning. Perhaps it is my expectations, perhaps it is the way I dress for the walk.

Expectations have a lot to do with the actual experience, or at least the perception of the actual experience.

I have known people who said they didn’t have any positive expectations so they were pleasantly surprised if things did work out right!

I can’t be like that, I think part of the enjoyment of an event or whatever is the expectations of the event or experience. If all of your expectations aren’t met, so what? If your expectations are negative, you will have also lost a lot of enjoyment in the event experience!

Perhaps the best route is to have positive expectations, but don’t become so immersed in your positive expectations that you aren’t also realistic.

However I feel positive expectations are important. For example, if a person doesn’t have high positive expectations, it could mean you won’t work as hard in preparation because you really feel you are just going to be disappointed anyhow!

I also feel that high expectations can mean a more positive review of the event or experience, simply because you expect to enjoy it or have a rewarding experience

Anyway, I had some high expectations of the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, and so far I can say my positive expectations have been met!

Perhaps part of the process is also that you have positive expectations, but allow yourself to be flexible in what a positive experience is.

The type of expectations also matter. For example, if in my own mind, there is only one outcome that will make it a positive outcome, I am not likely to have a positive experience, then if I just felt positive about having a nice weekend!

Part of this concept of “expectations” may have do with my “expectations” about my walk but part of it may have come from listening to the lecture about the “Great Gatsby” and some of the story lines, where “expectations” could only have been described as very high expectations..

Again, this morning watching a tape of “Formula One” reaction as I write this. To one driver, it will only be a success, if he wins, to another driver it will be a success if he gets a point!

To another it may be a success if he even qualifies for the race!

I was rather surprised to see that two of the four “LED” light bulbs is out in this room this morning. Not sure if it is the fixture or the light bulbs. I’ll check.

Again, my expectations are that the bulbs were going to last for years, so I will be very disappointed if they lasted less than six months. While they are “guaranteed” , ti would be difficult to determine exactly where they were purchased at, although I can determine where they were manufactured and complain to the manufacturer.

Probably handling expectations is one of the toughest things for any company, manager or parent to handle!

That’s it for now, Sunday, November 27, 2016.


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