2016 Fall November 29 Tuesday

47 degrees this morning, walk 35:02 minutes

We woke up yesterday morning and somehow it felt colder. Realized our furnace had gone out! Fortunately, our house seems to hold heat relatively well, so it has maintained at around 74 degrees even though it is in 40’s outside.

It was the blower mower, and hopefully it will be replaced at around noon today. I did some research, and sometimes when it seems it is the blower motor it is actually something more serious. Here’s hoping!

If worst comes to worst, our upstairs room (they call it a “bonus room” for whatever reason) has a separate HVAC system and we can just move into here!

Actually, my workout equipment (weights etc.) is in he bonus room, and I normally write my journal and basically spend my early morning in the room in cold weather, so I am relatively warm right now!

When we bought the house, we bought a “home warranty” just to be safe. We’ll see how good it actually is.

This is the time of year I figure each good weather day is good since it isn’t a bad weather day! I know there will be some “bad weather” days, but the fewer the better.

Dream last night that I was swimming with my iPhone and then I suddenly realized it wasn’t waterproof! I remember thinking it was water resistant but not water proof! Of course, by then it would have been too late fro the phone anyway! That is the only snippet of the dream I can remember. Again, I have no idea what it means or why I was dreaming that way!

Read yesterday that a state director was getting a $15,000 per year raise. This, while many state employees are paid not much more than that as their total pay!

Of course the normal reasons were give (pay was lower for the position, hard to keep someone at the pay etc.). You can say that about any state job. Not a good idea. In fact I find it hard to believe that they are allowing it.

The “Great American Literature” lectures have moved on from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Ernest Hemingway. I never realized how much the same their basic concepts were.

The time between Thanksgiving and New Year Day frequently seems to be almost a “pause” period. Of course that isn’t really what happens, but soon I expect to start hearing the comment “After the Holidays….” in response to questions about projects etc.

Of course, soon it is “After the Holidays…” and the excuse for delay is no longer there! (I try not to use the term!).

I did enjoy the Thanksgiving holidays, it was a very nice holiday.

“Office day” today (at least at this time). Fortunately I can dress warm enough to be comfortable until eh heating blower is installed. Of course, I always worry about the repair person coming back and having the wrong part, or something else is needed.

Now is a good time to move to a “Nest” thermostat. I am going to start reading up about it. I think I can even control it form my iWatch!

Actually,I am surprised at the number of appliances that can be controlled from your iPhone and how simple it is!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, November 29, 2016.


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