2016 Fall November 30 Wednesday

36 degrees this morning, walk 35:13 minutes

The last month of 2016 starts tomorrow, time flies!

Our furnace still isn’t fixed, wrong type of blower motor (of course). Oddly enough, it hasn’t gotten that cold in the house. I don’t know if it is insulation, or somehow the furnace for the “bonus room” is heating the entire house.

The bonus room is upstairs and we keep the door closed, so I doubt if it is hearing the entire house, especially since heat rises.

One of the fun things about owning a house, finding someone competent to do necessary work, and then getting someone out. At least the one doing this work shows up on time etc.

Definitely going to get a “Nest” Thermostat, not looking forward to the lead time necessary to learn the programming, but that is part of it. Also concerned about getting it installed.

The term “anyone can do it” doesn’t apply to me when it comes to mechanical ability. I have none, even though I like to think I have some, especially if I closely follow the instructions. However, electrical is where I draw the line, unless there is no electricity in the installation.

In any event, I know better than to try to start the installation of something like the “Nest”. If it wasn’t winter, I might try it, but it is.

Listening to my “Great American Literature” lectures, I am currently on Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises”.

It is a very interesting discussion on the various characters, Hemingway himself, and his writing style.

The lecturer mentioned that Hemingway managed to “say a lot in an empty space”. That was an interesting thought. I’ll have to mull that over.

Another dream.

Dream 11-29-16:

Dream for some reason was in an area where there was a lot of trash.

I was walking down the street and turned a corner which was very dark. I was standing adjusting to the dark when a man in a wheelchair bumped into me and said “excuse me” and went on.

I tried to pull my iPhone out of the packet so I could use it’s flashlight, but i was wearing gloves and couldn’t pull it out.

Another wheelchair game in, this time, the man got out, folded it out and handed it to someone living behind some rubbish.

It happened again.

Tried to get my iPhone out sos I could see what was going on while thinking that it wouldn’t be very good light.

The street was full of junk and debris

I woke up

Not sure where this dream came from. The location appeared to be dirt streets and the dark street went up some. It seemed to be a downtown industrial area.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, November 30, 2016.


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