2016 Fall December 1 Thursday

31 degrees this morning, walk 35:24 minutes

Our new “furnace blower” is installed and apparently working. It is nice to know it is in, although it never got that cold in the house. Apparently the other heater basically warmed the house, at least to a minimum amount.

Not quite sure how that works since I kept the door closed and I always thought heat rises.

We also installed a new “Nest” thermostat. It looks nice, now I need to learn how it operates! Usually I can figure it out by reading the instructions or going to Google if I get stuck.

When I was buying it, people in line were telling me how much they loved it etc. and I think the “would buy again” rate is about 98%, so I have high expectations for the Nest.

At least things started off right with it, I went to the Lowe’s about a mile away and it was on sale for $50 off (I thought). The clerk told me it was “my lucky day” since someone had not removed the tag. I (somewhat!) protested that I would pay the regular price, but they gave me the “sale” price anyway.

In addition, I received a 10% “veterans” discount, so it made it a real bargain.

We didn’t realize until about a month or so ago that Lowe’s gives veterans (at least for residential use) 10% off, which is why I want to Lowe’s in the first place, plus it is so close and is a very nice Lowe’s.

This state puts an American Flag on your Drivers license if you are a veteran and a clerk at Lowe’s noticed it and mentioned about the 10% off.

It is strange how your allegiance to stores develops. We always liked Lowe’s better than Home Depot. Nothing against Home Depot certainly, it is just their stores are always so hard to get to and appeared to be more cluttered than Lowe’s. Probably just one of those beliefs that develop.

Probably the same reason you tend to drive the same brand of car, buy the same kind of appliances etc.

Anyway, back to the Nest, I don’t know how to operate it, but I really like the way it looks and I am sure I will be able to operate it without any problem.

The people in line said they also had the Nest smoke detecters etc. and they really liked them also.

December of 2016 is actually here. Somehow, I have found, time goes on in spite of how we fail about it.

Winter is only about three weeks away, but it means that Spring and Summer are coming also!

Weather this morning during my walk was wonderful. While it was cold, it was one of those clear, still mornings and I could see the stars in the sky so clearly. There was no wind, so it was a nice walk, although I prefer it when the moon is up.

Still listening about Ernest Hemingway and specifically “The Sun also Rises”. There is certainly a lot of references I missed it when i read it!

That’s it for now, Thursday, December 1, 2016.


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