2016 Fall December 2 Friday

38 degrees this morning, walk 35:14 minutes

Dec. 2, which means it has been almost 2 1/2 years since we moved, a little over 2 years since I started work. In a way it seems like a lot longer, in a way simply a blink of time.

Just saw a quote by Stephen Covey, “There are three sure things in life, change, choice and principle”.

If you think about it (and I may get a little tongue tied here), there will always be change, but you have a choice on how you react to the change, and it is important to have (and follow) your principles when you make a choice.

I always thought Stephen Covey’s concepts were interesting and probably correct, incorporating it into your daily life isn’t easy. Like anything, it is difficult to put concepts into daily practice.

Of course, like I always think, the only way to learn to do something is to do it, so you just need to incorporate it into your daily living.

I believe in this case, if you consider choice and principles in small, daily decisions, you would be ready to make he big decisions.

Probably one of the hardest things to actually grasp (even though you can say you believe it) is that change really is happening, like it or not. The key point is how you react to change and using your basic principles when reacting to change.

Probably a prime example now is how to react to a disgraceful, lying, bigoted, buffoon clown of a president. Instead of getting better, he is getting worse, and is a disgrace for America.

Rather than get angry about it, I just need to accept that we are going to have a clown, liar and bigot as president and hope the congress develops some principles.

Of course, he doesn’t make it any better by appoint bigots, unethical “businesspeople” who victimize low income people and steal their houses etc. THESE are going to be “leaders”? Disgraceful.

I need to make the choice not to get mad or upset about it, just ignore it as a sideshow which I can’t do much about.

I haven’t set up the “Nest” yet to regulate temperature etc., although it is working now. I will do that today.

I have found in projects like this, I do a lot better if I read the instructions, take my time and don’t get in a hurry.

Also, I have learned don’t hesitate to ask questions!

With my Apple Watch, I took my time, read parts of the manual, and then tried to accomplish that phase. So far, it was worked well, and there are only a few functions I need to finish up, although I expect there will always be “one more thing” to learn about the watch or try!

I had good advice on the Nest (which I will follow), to “start off simple and do the enhancements over time”. I have learned from experience I don’t want (or need) to do everything that something can do.

Friday, looking forward to the weekend The week has gone fast, considering that we had a 4-day weekend!

That’s it for now, Friday, December 2, 2016.


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