2016 Fall December 3 Saturday

46 degrees this morning, no walk (light rain)

Got the “Nest” thermostat somewhat connected last night, with varying degrees of frustration and wonder, and maybe a little blue language to help.

I thought it was rather strange that it referred to “24/7” help, but no number or e-mail. There are plenty of YouTube videos, but I really don’t do videos that well, unless I have time to watch it several times and note the key points.

I am much better with slide shows that show each step and then stop and let you do it, or even written instructions with displays.

I do have it set up to where I can control it from our iPhone (and iPads I assume). Like my Apple Watch, I will do one new thing every couple of days and kind of adopt an “experience” learning curve. I do much better that way.

It is rather fascinating how many different items you can connect, literally you can run your entire house (and yard) via spoken instructions if you connect a Dot or Siri etc. I’m not sure what you do if you lose wi fi, which does happen occasionally.

Currently I have two wi fi systems, I always have to remember to set the same wi fi! (Actually I have the cable internet with a cable router and than an Apple time machine with sets up another wi fi point, not necessarily a different system).

One thing about the Apple Watch I wish they would highlight more (it took me a little time to realize it) is that the “modular face” actually is best for really getting the most out of your watch.

For example , right now I have the time (of course!), the weather (temperature, location I am in, high and low and whether it is cloudy, showers, clear etc.), an alarm time (if set or not), appointments for that day, my “text messaging” and an activity app so I can directly go to each activity from my watch face. All on one concise glance at my watch! Neat!

I can also put my phone, pulse, music, battery, “breathing app”, Date, “find my friends, Heartwach, Home (for controlling things like the Next thermostat, security etc.), e-mail, maps, various apps, moon phase, sunrise/sunset, reminders,, Shazam, sleep watch, Stocks, stopwatch etc. on the phone. Amazing!

It is limited to six items, but it is easy to change.

Probably he modular watch face is the most valuable thing about the Apple watch and why it is so addictive. I don’t like to use the word “addictive”, but I mean it in a positive sense.

The Mickey mouse watch face is fun, but you can (in most cases) have only one other item on it, instead of six.

Of course you can change them at the flick of finger.

Quickly, need to note my dream yesterday.

12-2-16 Dream

Dreamed (the part I remember), I had bought a paper was was waking through an alley when a man in front of me started talking to me. My impression was he was “homeless” or close to it.

We walked what looked like to the edge of inside of a moving truck over a deep area and I was worried about getting out.

Someone was sitting under the bed, smoking a cigarette. I could see the cigarette, but not the person. He yelled, “just jump”.

The person I was on the truck/ledge with started to grab my newspaper, he said he had something he wanted to see. I wanted to go, so I advised him I had to meet someone and I would bring the paper back.

He pulled out a cell phone to look at it and see what he needed to see in the newspaper. I kept looking at my watch (it was 10 till 7) and getting more nervous.

At that point I woke up and gradually realized it was a dream. It was a very strong dream and took me several moments before I realized it was only a dream.

That’s it for now, Saturday, December 3, 2016.


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