2016 Fall December 4 Sunday

44 degrees this morning, no walk, rain

Continual light rain last few days. Part of the season I guess. It may sleet and get really cold later this week.

The first day I miss walking, it is kind of like a break. The second day I start to feel a little anxious about missing it. It is a ritual that I enjoy, not only for the physical exercise, but also to listen to my book, music or whatever.

Learning more about the Nest Thermostat. It is an amazing device. Some things I hope they change, like the display being able to show more than one thing. I”m going to call if there is a way to do that.

I guess they need a “modular” face like the Apple Watch has.

I have basically leaned to set a schedule, although actually I really don’t need to since the Nest “learns” from your actions and will automatically establish a schedule based on your actual settings.

We don’t have that many changes since there is someone here almost all the time, so the “learning” is basically at night.

However, when we are gone for any length of time, we can adjust it from our phones, which is nice.

We can even set it up so that it will recognize when our phone is out of the house and it will reduce/increase the temperature to a more economical setting. I’m not sure if it is “smart” enough to recognize the phone is getting closer and start the temperature back to where you like it, but I doubt if there is really a way to do that.

What is somewhat discouraging is that we are just getting started in this, and there is actually the capacity to run your entire house (including the lawn) somewhat “automatically”. While it isn’t necessary that we do that, it would be interesting to try.

We will start small with the Nest and kind of go from there. I think it should be fairly simple to set up the lamps so they can be controlled by the iPhone etc.

Anyway, I will do like I do a lot of things and try to be aware of what is out there that we can do, and then when we need it done I can figure out how to do it

I remember long ago, I had a hard time learning Excel, because I didn’t really use it for anything other than minor projects.

Then one day I had to do a city budget on it, and I learned it easily because it was actually something I used, not just a theory.
For several years, I took computer courses in different programs. It didn’t do me a lot of good right away, but when it did come time to learn the programs or get them (such as Exchange), I understood enough that I learned it fast and, perhaps more important, I already knew the concept.

Another dream, this one is short, but it was one that took me a while to realize it was just a dream.

12-3-16 Dream

Dreamed I had checked into a large hotel area and I parked my car.

The next morning I couldn’t remember where I had parked my car and was wondering all over the hotel and areas trying to find my car.

I went into a lot of different areas looking for my car, including strange areas.

It was a very large complex, with a number of large Motels and other industrial buildings. I never did find my car before I woke up!

That’s it for now, Sunday, December 4, 2016.


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