2016 Fall December 5 Monday

36 degrees this morning. Walk 35:43 minutes.

Consumer Reports actually had a report on “Smart Watches” that I didn’t see until yesterday. Strange, I normally never buy anything without checking Consumer Reports first. I didn’t even think about them doing a report on Smart Watches.

Anyway, it is always good to have your opinion reinforced, the Apple Watch I bought was the highest rated of them all. And probably also the highest price, but it is well worth the extra money, in my opinion. (They didn’t rate the really expensive Apple Watches.)

I also wrote a review of the Apple Watch. I mentioned the only drawback was I wanted to wear my other watches sometimes also!

I believe all of the Apple Watches were the highest rated. Of course, I don’t consider it a negative, but it does take an iPhone to get full benefit from the Apple Watch.

I always approach Consumer Reports with some hesitancy sometimes since they always point out the negatives of a product and they are normally right! If I already have my mind (or heart) set on something, I hate to read of it’s negatives!

Of course, I do read the negatives and then can decide if i want to live with the negative aspects.

What is worse is to buy something without thinking about Consumer Reports and then reading the product you bought is a lemon, or has some unacceptable weakness or safety problem!

Still working with the Apple Watch although it is smaller advances now. One thing I keep doing is hitting the “indoor cycle” when I walk. It drives me nuts, because while I get the time of my walkI don’t get the other information correctly, like the pace, the distance etc.

Usually I can see the Watch face very well, even wit glasses, but I need to take my walk with glasses!

Working more with the “Nest Thermostat”.

Overall a nice weekend. Attended a child’s birthday party, which is always fun.

Yesterday, I read a trashy novel, one of the ones I get “free” once a month from Amazon. It kept my attention, but it definitely does not qualify as “literature”. I”m not even sure if I’m going to write it down on the “list of books read”, I”m not sure if I want a record I read it.

I say “trashy”, but there wasn’t anything at all really bad about it, probably as good as some of the best sellers, maybe better.

I actually read it on the $50 Kindle Fire. Not bad, although it unfortunately is basically just an ordering and advertising machine for Amazon.

Worse yet, they seem to find a way to send you a humongous number of junk e-mails based on the “free” book I selected. Anything you do with Amazon will result in e-mails forever and the product ads following you for years on Facebook etc.

I realized I am getting so many junk e-mails it is interfering with me getting my regular e-mails, sometimes I see an old e-mail and realize I haven’t responded to it. I am going to start sending “unsubscribe” on a lot of e-mails and make sure I have a “junk e-mail” address for all of those company’s who want an e-mail address they can send you sales pitches with.

Start of another week, the first of the month is always fun for me because that is when all of the new accounts come down, so I am busy

That’s it for now, Monday, December 5, 2016..


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