2016 Fall December 7 Wednesday

33 degrees this morning. Walk 35:38 minutes

The Apple Watch GPS is so precise, I make a little game during my walk of trying to increase my walk by staying on one side of the road, walking around the full distance of a Cove or when I turn etc. I can vary the walk within a range of about .04 miles (Or the difference between .13 and .17 miles.)

What we won’t do to entertain ourselves.

It is becoming very scary when a business (Boeing in this case) can’t mildly critique a proposed crazy scheme of the president-elect without having a vicious, vindictive attack on his company by the incoming president who is thin skinned even though he viciously attacks others and lies so much he has lost touch with reality.

I am really concerned that “free speech” as we know it may change in the hands of a power hungry despot who is scared of criticism with a bunch of “yes cronies” who are afraid to tell the emperor he has not clothes so to speak (read sense, or any capacity whatsoever to be president).

What a joke, although it really is a nightmare.

When the newspapers and businesses get scared of criticizing the policies of the president for threat of retaliation, there is something seriously wrong.

I am seriously considering dropping the two newspapers I subscribe to that suck up to the bully and subscribe to two newspapers that aren’t scared to criticize him, just to show support.

Although the city we live in is about 100,000 people, it is amazingly backward and secretive in a lot of ways. I admire the city for sticking up for residents over commercial and industrial (unlike the major city in this area which has little regard for the residents), it is also very secretive and apparently has a power structure which likes to hide.

As an example, 3 or the 5 City Commissions (actually the Mayor and two Commissioners) are up for re-election. I didn’t see a word anyplace about the fact the three day filing period (Dec. 5 to 7) was even being held except for a small squib I happened to see by accident Sunday night!

It seems the local papers and news media, and the City would publicized this more, but it seems like it was almost a secret and a way of control.

I know from experience how much work it is and I admire that people who do it, and that is one reason I think it should have been publicized more, so that qualified people may consider it.

Researching the “Nest” thermostat, I think I discovered that the Nest “automatic” temperature setting MAY take priority IF you have at least one of two automatic options set. That makes sense, I think.

Apparently the Nest has built in sensors that “know” if you are out or in by the activity. More specific, it can use your iPhone to determine if you are in the house or away and also can tell if you are coming back so it can start heating or cooling the house! Amazing.

I am still learning about the Nest and what it can do. Since we don’t have a regular schedule as such of being out of the house, attaching it to an iPhone makes sense.

I haven’t checked into the Nest security system, but I will need to research that next.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, December 7, 2016.


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