2016 Fall December 8 Thursday

2016 Fall December 8 Thursday

24 degrees (“feels like 12”) this morning, Walk 35:39 minutes

Brrrr! Actually walk wasn’t all that bad, although I could feel the cold.

I have to admit I thought about “taking a break” because of the cold, but then I thought about one of my basic principles, “how are you going to do it if you don’t do it”. I will never walk in the cold if I don’t walk in the cold.

Kind of like my thoughts about the bicycle, “if I don’t ride up a hill, I”ll never learn to ride up a hill!

Of course, I guess at some point you do decide that you aren’t going to walk under a certain cold level, or you decide a steep hill is just too darn steep!

Actually I haven’t seen a day too cold or a hill too steep yet, but I expect they are out there. Of course, it doesn’t get that cold here, but the hills can be pretty steep.

The State is ‘losing” our attorney general to the national government! (Our gain is the national governments loss!) Maybe the state can balance it’s budget now that the Attorney General isn’t throwing money at attorneys to file trivial lawsuits, and otherwise doing exactly opposite what an Attorney General is supposed to do. (Protect the state and public).

Of course, now the “EPA” will be known as the “Energy Protection Agency” as he protects his buddies and gives them a free rein and give huge political contributions. I expect the excess will bring it’s own redemption, like it almost always does but they will do a lot of damage before they are reined in. Hopefully it will make sure he never runs for Governor, although he will probably get huge political contributions.

The First Bully couldn’t have appointed a bigger joke, although some of his appointments are jokes, just really bad jokes.

The Nest Thermostat did as advertised and turned the thermostat down last night when we were out of the house for awhile. While I realize it has sensors that detect no activity, I wonder how it know what temperature it decides on when we are out Probably I set it up somehow.

I’m going to do some more work on the “Nest” tonight and this weekend. One thing I want to do is tie in Aliene’s iPhone so it will pick up on her iPhone being out of the house. I’m not sure if somehow it detects the iPhone is getting closer and adjusts the temperature for our return or not. It may just detect it is out of the house.

Probably smoke detectors are next as we gradually move to an automated house. I’m not quite sure how the smoke detecters are automated, but I’ll do some research on that.

On the Nest, I am going to review all of the “away” options to see how it works and how it decides what temperature is best.

One thing we can always do (as long as the wi fi is working) is set the temperature from our iPhone wherever we are, so if we turn it down, we could adjust it in time for our arrival.
Actually, I also want to review the “Nest” Security system as well as the smoke detecters. We had to sign a three year contract on security and it has one more year, so we have plenty of time.

Dental checkup time. Apparently I have a tooth that is cracking below the gum level and I’ll probably need to remove it and have an implant, which sends shudders through me. It is a front tooth and he assume me it was an easy one for an implant. I have a feeling there is no “easy” implant.

That’s it for now, Thursday, December 8, 2016.


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