2016 Fall December 10 Saturday

34 degrees this morning, walk 34:56 minutes

Since I have started keeping track of my “pace” on the Apple watch, I have a lot better idea of how fast I am actually walking. I was surprised what a difference the small differences in mileage make. Although I walk the same route each morning, my distance still varies as much as .05 of a mile.

The experience with the Nest Thermostat continues. We have found when it realizes we are out of the house and adjusts the temperature, it is relatively quick about getting the temperature back to the temperature we set. (Notice I didn’t say “normal” temperature.)

I checked and found that I actually had set a “low and high” temperature that it automatically adjusts to when it senses we are out.

This weekend, I am going to review all of the scheduled temperatures to make them more rational and also set up Aliene’s phone so it ties to her phone when we are out.

I really don’t understand why the furnace for the “bonus” room heats the entire house. No matter how low the temperature is on the thermostat is, the actually temperature doesn’t go below a certain temperature (71 degrees) regardless of the temperature outside. As far as we can determine, it is because of the “bonus room” heater being heated by a separate heater.

I recently learned some interesting tips about the Mac, some things I never knew. Now if I can remember how to do it!

For example, I didn’t realize that the “desktop” should be kept with as few programs as possible or it slows the computer. Of course, I have long stored documents, pictures and everything else on the desktop.

I also learned how to do a “split screen” (which is wonderful) and how to adjust the trackpad.
Now, if I can just remember how to do everything!

Supposed to snow next week. I’m not looking forward to that, but at least I don’t have to worry about traveling in it if it gets too bad. Or how to clean it up!

I am almost ready for “winter” (in the sense of the season “winter” that starts Dec. 21) so that we can get it over with and get back to Spring and Summer! Of course, the weather really hasn’t been that bad so far.

Listening to the “Great American Classics in Literature” lectures, he is now on “The Grapes of Wrath” and the impact it had. Somehow, while I recognized the importance of the book, I didn’t realize the cultural impact it had on America at that time or it’s impact on literature.

That is one book I need to read again.

I went through a “Steinbeck” period when I read all of his books. I probably didn’t really understand of all of the undertones, but I enjoyed them. One, “Of Mice and Men” was a very depressing book and I could never bring myself to read it again.

Supposed to be a nice weekend weather wise. Aliene is planning on making fudge which is always kind of enjoyable (and also nice to “lick the pan”!)

That’s it for now, Saturday, December 10, 2016.


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