2016 Fall December 12 Monday

29 degrees this morning (feels like 19), walk 37:05 minutes

Tried extending my walk this morning, by walking across the street (curb to curb) several times. Actually increased my walk by .06 of a mile over my walk yesterday.

However that isn’t all of the reason for longer time, since my “pace” was also significantly slower than yesterday (about 20 seconds a mile)

The “Nest Thermostat” appears to be operational now and I’m just waiting to see what happens. I may tweak it occasionally. Right now it is set on a regular schedule, but also may change to “energy saving” mode then it detects no motion or notes that Aliene’s phone is out of the house.

I am thinking of buying a Nest for the “bonus room”. While at first I thought there was no way to make the investment back, I realized it is almost 40% of then square foot of the first house I bought and much larger than the a typical hotel room, so even though we keep it closed off and it has only one window and door, it still may use a significant amount of gas and electricity.

Since I only use it about two hours per day (less in summer), it would be easy to schedule it so it is at minimum capacity during the day and is at the right temperature when I normally use it probably saving a lot of fuel.

Also, it can be set to “talk” to the other Nest, so they will adjust for the effects of each furnace.

Something to think about.

Reading the book “Powerless” by Tim Washburn, who actually lives in the city I live in. It is his first book. I hadn’t heard of it until I saw a review of his second book, and it mentioned (rightly so) that his book is on par with any of the best selling authors.

Anyway, in the book a solar flare knocks out all of the electricity, at least in the northern hemisphere.

As you can imagine, chaos results, with roving mobs of looters, thieves and worse starting within hours.

Of course, you think about how much we depend on electricity, you can imagine the chaos. No gas being pumped, so no deliveries, no plans, no phone service etc. Anyway, you can imagine it.

Thinking about the chaos about to be unleashed by the clowns who are going to be running the national government, for the first time, I am seriously considering what steps we need to take to provide for an “Arab Spring” type of action, or, more likely, severe disruption of delivery of food and utilities as their insane policies are put into effect

A book that speculates on a situation that “could” happen is always interesting if it is pulled off right. That is one thing I liked about some of Stephen King’s best writing, it bordered on something that “could” happen.
Anyway, Powerless (it may only be available in paperback) is an excellent book and is certainly keeping me involved in reading it.

Listening to lectures about “The Invisible Man” during my walk. I’m actually not sure if I ever read the book, but I will need to. I think it is one of those books I may have think I read since I heard so much about it.

That’s it for now, Monday, December 12, 2016.


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