2016 Fall December 15 Thursday

25 degrees this morning, walk 36:36 minutes

Cool this morning, (I think the “feels like” was 17 degrees), but supposed to warm up to 60’s Friday and then down to 8 with snow on Saturday!

My walk this morning is when I am glad I am able to measure my “pace” as well as my exact mileage. I thought I hadn’t locked the door, so I had to double back, so I walked out a .10th of a mile longer. Doesn’t sound like much, but it all adds up!

Time to start checking on when “Winter” will actually arrive.

Finishing up the novel “Powerless”, probably finish it tonight. It is a very good read. I will be interested in seeing how it ends.

The plot is that a huge solar flare hits earth and knocks out all of the electricity in North America. Of course, without any electricity, things swiftly deteriorate into chaos, roving gangs etc.

I don’t really see how it can end on a positive note. I enjoy “happy endings” , but I think any kind of positive ending of this novel would be rather false, unless it is that people adapt to the new conditions.

Of course, in reality, I have seen how fast they can bring back electricity after a storm etc., so it may not be impossible.

Of course, this is also a book of fiction, so anything can happen and probably will! That is the greatness of fiction!

The same author has written a second book, which isn’t available in the library yet, even for reserve.

Reading up on “two” Nest thermostats and the advantages of replacing the thermostat upstairs with a Nest. There don’t appear to be any real disadvantages, except maybe for the original cost.

Since I use it only for about two hours a day, it would be east to set it to basically just heat and cool it for that two hours and then it be off the rest of the day.

With two Nest thermostats, they can “talk” with each other, making each of them even more efficient. I’m not sure how it works, but I have see it already, with the upstairs providing a enough heat to actually keep the entire house at a reasonable decent temperature,

I don’t understand how it works, I just know it does work!

The car that was “new” just two years ago (in November) now has over 1/3rd of the mileage of it’s expected life, assuming “expected life” is 100,000 miles.

I saw a Chevy “Volt” the other day getting “filled” up at the office. It kind of looked like a a hose pumping gas into it instead of electricity. I looked at it a little, it looked like a very nice car. I thought it was a little ironic that I saw it while I was reading a book about losing literally all electricity!

The Volt was at a business that takes old wood from houses etc. and converts it into new products, so somehow it seemed appropriate.

That’s it for now, Thursday, December 15, 2016201


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