2016 Fall December 16 Friday

40 degrees this morning. No walk.

Last night was frozen sleet which iced up the roads. Today it is supposed to get to 65 or so, then this weekend snow and temperatures as low as 8 degrees!

Didn’t walk this morning, drizzle, also there were slick spots last night although the higher temperature and wind has probably taken care of them.

Song playing now on the tv (one of my secret weaknesses, music videos) is “A Little More Summertime”, which is appropriate and certainly how I feel!

Used my Apple Watch for the first time to buy coffee at Starbucks yesterday. One of those little charges you get when things go right! It worked very well.

I remember my first phone call on a cell phone was a wrong number, as was the first call I answered on my Apple Watch.

I have had my Apple Watch for about a month and one half now or so, and I am more than happy with it. One of those purchases where even high expectations are exceeded!

Finished “Powerless”, it was very good and an appropriate ending. Not unbelievable (I don’t want to give it away) but not a complete tragedy either. I looked up the author (who as mentioned lives in the same city I live in) and I just missed a book signing by him last Saturday! I’m sure he will have more.

I saw where the State Agency that sets the new mileage rate for employees arbitrarily reduced the rate to .47 per mile (from .54.). No reasons, no explanation etc., the way they do things around here, just as the State Legislature snuck it through that the agency) would set the milage rate, of course with the understanding it would be lowered no matter what.

It appears like they really didn’t use any data whatsoever, probably decided it sounded nice. Seven cents doesn’t sound like much, but it will me about $50 less per month for me, which I think is a disgusting way to treat employees. I am sure the state legislature was “exempted”!

Absolutely to rationale or reasons for how they came up with that figure. Probably they will justify another huge raise for themselves by showing the “savings”.

I have been trying to reduce my “junk e-mail”. It has been quite a process, and I don’t know that I have succeeded much. I did learn how to at least direct junk mail to another box on an individual basis so I can scan it occasionally before deleting the entire bunch rather than have to watch for and delete individual junk mail.

On the other hand, maybe I should direct the mail I want to a special box and just ignore my regular e-mail, which is mostly junk.

I am always surprised at how little I know about my computer (and iPhone etc.). It seems I probably know just enough to get around!

I have found if I want to do something specific, I can normally find a way to do it, so I guess I have to use my imagination and not allow arbitrary limits on what I “think” can be done and assume it can do “anything I want”!

Kind of like life.

That’s it for now, Friday, December 16 2016.


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