2016 Fall December 20 Tuesday

27 degrees this morning. No walk again, I was planning to, but last night I noticed there were still slick spots on the street, so….I’m not going to take a chance.

Last time (probably) that this journal will note “Fall 2016”, as Winter starts at 4:44 a.m., Wednesday, December 21. It actually depends on what time I start my journal. Usually I start it a little before that time, but I doubt if I will get picky about the exact time.

I will be ready to get Winter over with even though it is just starting! Recognizing a problem can be one of the first steps to resolving it, although that probably doesn’t apply to the seasons!

It seems the cold has already settled in my bones. It doesn’t even get to that point every Winter (in fact it has been a long time), where the cold just seems to settle in your bones and hurt.

I remember how one Winter (it was in Chanute, Kansas) when it was so cold and the only way I felt I could get warm was to go to the sauna! It actually helped get the cold out of my bones.

Somehow the stool “unfroze” without any damage, how, I don’t know. We are still having a plumber come to look at it (to prevent it in the future) and also check our water heaters and some other things.

We are hoping this plumber doesn’t bill “by the job”, which is actually a massive rip-off in some cases. I think it leads to sloppy work and overcharging. If I had done it earlier (my fault there), I could have found a plumber who charges by “time and material”, which seems fair to me.

We were lucky to have our irrigation system fixed last summer by a company who did “time and material”.

Actually, it didn’t seem that cold yesterday when the sun was shining and it was 20 degrees or so, not near as cold as last night at 30 degrees with the wind!

It really doesn’t feel like Christmas is going to be this weekend. Of course, it will be whether I feel like i or not.

I saw where the Planning Director of the city I live in is retiring and is going to be replaced by someone with the Planning Department of the Metro Central City that does such a horrible job at planning.

I am assuming a large part of the Central City allowing commercial to intrude on residential (even allowing a huge “digital billboard” right in back of a brand new house) is political paybacks by elected officials and not the planning staff, at least I hope so.

Last night I noted a “sponsored” post on Facebook by some group obviously paid for by the Wind industry in this state, trying to say there was “support” for continued massive payoff’s to the “wind industry”.
I have nothing against the wind industry as such, but I think massive tax credits by the state that may bankrupt the state is going too far. Another example of the corruption of “big secret money” and payoffs.

Funny, the “wind industry” in this state has the funds to setup a phony “think tank” that does a survey of “373 people” and comes out and says state residents “support” the continued payoffs to the wind industry, yet they say they need massive taxpayer support. Of course, no data on what questions they asked, the methodology etc., just that state residents support the massive payoffs. Sure they do!

I wonder what happened to all the elected officials who crow about how “private industry can do it better”, but it seems only if they receive massive public funding. How in the world is that better?

That’s it for now, Tuesday, December 20, 2016.


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