2016 Winter December 21 Winter

29 degrees this morning, walk 37:00 minutes

First day of Winter is here, thank goodness the days will start getting “longer” now! I never look forward to Winter, but at least I know every nice day is one less day that could be a bad day!

Had the “frozen” stool looked at yesterday. It was ok, thank goodness, no damage from the freezing. The plumber advised me that stools don’t freeze, but I know this one did. He agreed also and gave me some precautionary steps.

The walk this morning was good, good to get back into it. The pace was the worst since I have started recording it. That wasn’t a lot in real terms (about 30 seconds per mileage less than my average) but I wondered why I was slower.

It seems like I should have been full of energy and walking faster, but….

About time to replace my walking shoes. I use my new walking shoes only for my daily walk and I keep track of the mileage. It is kind of a “loose” track in that I don’t record the exact mileage but I round it off.

I like to get as much mileage out of a pair of shoes as possible, without keeping them so long that they cause any foot problems, so I err on the side of replacing them too soon.

I use them for “regular” shoes after that. My very first pair just recently were disposed of as worn out, but my second pair is still reasonably good pair of causal walking shoes, although the shoe store thought they were worn out even for that.

The purchase of a new pair of shoes is always a momentous event, since I know I will be living them them on my walk fro at least 300 or more miles! More, counting the time I use them for causal wear.

I have learned to kind of ignore the price tag (within reason, I don’t want a $750 pair or self lacing shoes!) since any extra amount of money I need to pay for the shoes I want is well worth it!

Both of my iPhones are at that point where they can be replaced. One I own and the two years are up, the other I lease and I decided to just go ahead and buy it rather than upgrade. I can upgrade after one year to a new phone, but I doubt if I will do it.

Both phones work fine and I don’t want to hassle with changing the phones over, plus I really want to wait for the iPhone 8.

Just saw a quote “There is more to life than increasing it’s speed”, supposedly by Gandhi .

That is certainly true and I think the older you get the more you realize it. In fact, I have no desire to increase the speed of life!

I think the problem is that you have to look forward to the future, because anticipation is a major part of life, but you also want to enjoy the present and not let anticipation become teh primary theme of your life.

The start of two “Field Days” in a row, which is always a little tough, but also interesting and a lot of variety.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, December 21, 2016, the first day of Winter 2016/2017.


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