2016 Winter December 22 Thursday

34 degrees this morning. Walk 36:02 minutes Pace slightly below average pace (i.e. slower than normal)

Almost warm yesterday, and warmer weather is forecast for this weekend.

We usually do our major Christmas event with family members on Christmas Eve and than have a very quiet Christmas, usually go out to eat somewhere special.

This year will be unusual in that I will have Monday and Tuesday off. (Normally it is two days, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, since Christmas Eve is Saturday, we get Monday and Tuesday off. Some are doing Friday and Monday, all the same in the end.

Coming to the end of the American Literature Classics “Great Books” reading. The last book is Toni Morrison, “Beloved”, which I have never read.

I’m not sure how long I have been listening to this book, but it has been well worth the time. I think it has helped me be more aware of the undercurrents and symbolism in a book, although I doubt if I will read very many of the books he lectured on again.

It was interesting to learn that a business person (Bernard Gimbel of the Gimbel Brothers Department Store) wrote a memo after seeing the play that no one was to be terminated merely because they were growing old!

It is easy to forget the impact of literature until looking at all the impact of a book or play on our culture or on your daily life.

Traffic is really picking up at the malls. Hopefully it means it will be a better holiday season for the physical stores. I can tell the internet traffic is heavy by all of the delivery vans running around delivering stuff!

Apparently there isn’t an “audible app” for the Apple Watch yet. You have to go through a lot of steps to get a book on the watch. Not really a big deal, since I always carry my phone anyway.

Another dream to report on.

Wednesday, 12-21-16

Dreamed working in my present job, but based in a big open warehouse. I parked my car right beside the area I worked out of.

The work area was a huge building with a number of small buildings and offices.

I didn’t recognize other personnel, just that they worked there. I had a refrigerator and I kept looking in the refrigerator.

They also worked on equipment there (appeared to be be generators, HVAC units etc.) and at one point the equipment was blocking me in. I asked someone how I was going to get out and the equipment disappeared.

I apparently took a break and somewhere I got a small cake and I started to eat. It was still warm and I wondered if I was eating someone else’s cake.

Then I saw some bags of popcorn, set out in the plastic or paper bags like in the movies.

I went places, but I don’t know where. Kind of like my job I just has a base, except in my real job, my base is my house.

Other people were there but very shadowy figures, kind of like where i work now, since I work “in the field” or at home, I know very few people at work.

Woke up and knew it was a dream as soon as I woke.

That’s it for now, Thursday, December 22, 2016.


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