2016 Winter December 23 Friday

38 degrees this morning , walk 35:10 minutes

My “pace” on my walk was much better this morning as I concentrated on keeping my pace up. About 30 seconds per mile better than yesterday. Even though I walk the same route, it can vary some, so probably pace is a better indicator of my walk.

Of course you can’t do better every day, but I do like to keep the average up.

Finishing listening to the book on “Great America Literature”.. Actually, it is in its final chapter andI I’ll probably just finish it sometime other than on my walk, since there is only about ten minutes left.

Not sure what I am going to start listening to next. It is always a major decision (not in the overall scheme of things, but in the world of my morning walk, it is major).

I probably will switch from using my active iPhone to using a former iPhone which is no longer active

The State House embarrassed itself again by approving a sexual harassment settlement and then keeping it hidden until after the person accused was re-elected! So much for open government in this state. I wonder what else goes on that is never publicized?

In the same vein, the State Attorney General, who was so self-righteous (and hopefully packing his bags and leaving the state forever to go to Washington DC), now we find out he substantially increased employees and moved his “office” to a luxury office building that rented for 3 times the previous offices! This, while other agencies were going through significant cuts that affected families, children etc. What a hypocrite!

Meanwhile, he wasted millions of state dollars on lawsuits reflecting his personal opinion, not any state goals. Of course, we also find out he sent letters out (as well as used wording on state laws) from groups he was supposed to regulate! What a hypocrite!

This he did as he self-righteously railed about excessive spending etc. Good riddance. Unfortunately he is now able to really rip off the taxpayers at the national level.

I am learning more about the Apple Watch “workout” app all the time. I can look up totals, averages etc., which is kind of fun, although probably rather meaningless.

On the other hand, it a way of keeping track and probably encouragement to keep it up.

Christmas Eve tomorrow. Oddly enough I have very few memories of Christmas, I probably have more memories of Thanksgiving than Christmas. Maybe it was the weather.

Probably my earliest memory is getting up early Christmas morning and waiting for my Dad to finish the chores before we opened presents. We always think he deliberately took his time, and perhaps he did.

Other than that, I don’t really recall any Christmas memories, as such, other than the year I played “Santa Claus” and took presents to needy families. It was fun driving in my Santa Claus outfit and waving to everyone!

Probably the best was stopping by and seeing my daughter (who was probably 3 at the time). She didn’t tell me until years later that she still believed in Santa Claus and didn’t recognize me! I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. If she believed in Santa Claus it makes me wish I had realized that and handled the truth better.

That’s it for now, Friday, December 23, 2016.


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